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2022 WGU C468 Information Management and the Application of Technology PA Questions with Correct Answers

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Which statement describes a successful electronic health record (EHR)? Correct Answer: The customers needs were met What is a goal of the health information exchange (HIE)? Correct Answer: To allow ... insurance companies and providers to be able to share data What is used to evaluate a health information system (HIS)? Correct Answer: The electronic medical record adoption model What are the expected outcomes of interoperable systems? Correct Answer: Error reduction, revenue improvement, and increased communication Which informatics competency supports the adoption of a medication administration system? Correct Answer: Change management What do informatics and computational science have in common? Correct Answer: Both fields are interdisciplinary. Which two care settings would benefit the most from employing a nurse informaticist? Choose 2 answers. Correct Answer: A correctional facility with a clinic A healthcare organization planning a physical expansion Which two practice environments employ informatics nurses? Choose 2 answers. Correct Answer: A clinical systems vendor A medical device manufacturer Informatics nurses support the quality reporting. What are two quality reporting characteristics informatics nurses practice? Choose 2 answers. Correct Answer: Managing data, information, and knowledge Developing tools and methods Duplicate orders cause quality issues in patient care. What helps to resolve this problem? Correct Answer: Providing training and reminders Which two tools are used to change a clinical workflow? Choose 2 answers Correct Answer: Observation Swim lane charts The emergency room (ER) staff is hesitant to use the discharge planning module in the new electronic health record (EHR). What is a method the nurse informaticist should use to encourage staff to utilize the new application in the EHR? Correct Answer: Enlist feedback from [Show More]

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