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Certified Building Official MM / EXAM/ WITH ACCURATE ANSWERS

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Regardless of the high degree of professionalism attained by members of the building department in its conduct of things scientific and technical, it will be judged more critically on ____________. - ... ANS -its ability to relate to those they come in contact with One attribute that a field inspector should possess is problem solving skills. Both the IBC and IRC contain sections that allow for the approval of alternatives to gain code compliance. One of the best tools available to an inspector in approving alternative materials and methods is _____________. - ANS -utilizing ICC Evaluation Service Reports Holding pre-construction meetings with all stakeholders is an important part of a __________ in the construction process and in achieving safe buildings. - ANS -collaborative effort One indication of poor time management on the part of an inspector is that the ___________. - ANS -inspector's efficiency is less than peers When making ethical decisions, one measure consists of asking yourself how you feel inside about the decision, i.e., Am I nervous? Am I losing sleep over this decision? Am I worried someone will find out? This type of questioning is called ____________. - ANS -the Butterfly test Television, radio, newspapers and the internet all help shape ___________. - ANS -public opinion Whose responsibility is it to acquaint the political body with the purpose of the building department and the need to refrain from becoming involved in the daily operations of the building department? - ANS -the building official Coordination between departments is often inadequate. _________ is a method that provides solutions to a fractured process. - ANS -The one-stop-shop process What agency is charged with the marketing of the municipality and the recruitment of viable companies that make up the tax base such as owners of commercial real estate? - ANS -The chamber of commerce Performance measures and indicators are used to determine the __________ and __________ of the staff's work activities. - ANS -quality, quantity The challenge in any department seems to be managing _________, such as personal appearance, manners and communication skills. - ANS -intangible qualities [Show More]

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