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Airport Test DFW SIDA Training Exam latest update

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Air Operations Area (AOA) Correct Answer: Area of DFW airport bounded by a fence. Access is restricted. Used primarily for landing, take off or maneuvering of aircraft. (Area in air craft operate) ... True or False: You must always wear & display your SIDA badge on your outermost garment, above the waist & below the neck at all times while in AOA (Air Operations Area) Correct Answer: True SIDA Correct Answer: Security Identification Display Area Portion of the airport in which security measures are carried out. Non-Sterile Correct Answer: Any public location outside passenger screening checkpoints Example: Baggage Claim and ticket counter. Both airport visitors and employees can access non- sterile areas. Secured Correct Answer: Portions of the airport in which security measures are carried out. AOA, ramp and adjacent baggage processing areas are secured. A person in a secured area must do the following Correct Answer: 1. Properly display valid security badge OR have approved escort 2. Enter and exit area through designated entrance/access points. This does not include jet bridge. What 2 areas does the SIDA include? Correct Answer: Secured area and AOA (Air Operations Area) True or False The baggage area underneath the terminal, where is baggage is sorted, loaded and unloaded, is NOT considered part of the SIDA. Correct Answer: False: This baggage area is considered part of SIDA (Security Identification Display Area) True or False Jet bridges are NOT considered as designated SIDA entrance points. Correct Answer: True. Secure areas are only supposed to be entered and exited at certain designated areas What is a sterile area? Correct Answer: Portion of an airport terminal accessible to traveling public that is controlled through the screening process and provides passengers access to boarding aircraft What do screening checkpoints use to screen persons and property so that they may enter a sterile area and board a plane? Correct Answer: Badge readers, automated imaging technology, metal detectors, x-ray machines True or False [Show More]

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