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NUR 2488 / NUR2488 Mental Health Exam 1 | Rated A | Questions and Answers | Latest 2020 / 2021 | Rasmussen College

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NUR 2488 / NUR2488 Mental Health Exam 1 | Rated A | Questions and Answers | Latest 2020 / 2021 | Rasmussen College 1. Venlafaxine (Effexor) exerts its antidepressant effect by selectively blocking ... the reuptake of: - Serotonin and norepinephrine 2. The nurse administers each of the following drugs to various patients. The patient who should be most carefully assessed for fluid and electrolyte imbalances is the one receiving - lithium 3. Which drug group calls for nursing assessment for development of abnormal movement disorders among individuals who take therapeutic dosages - antipsychotics 4. Blockage of dopamine transmission can lead to increased pituitary secretions of prolactin. In women, this hyperprolactinemia can result in - amenorrhea 5. Which of the following factors contribute to the movement of patients out of large state institutions and into community-based mental health treatment - States desire to save money by moving the patients to the community, where the federal government would pick up more of the cost, - A system of coordinated and accessible community care was developed by forward-thinking communities and offered more effective treatment, the Community Mental Health - Centers Act of 1963 required states to develop and offer care in community-based treatment programs, - Patient advocates exposed deficiencies of state hospitals and took legal actions, leading to the identification of a right to treatment in the least restrictive setting, - New psychotropic medications controlled symptoms more effectively, allowing many patient to live and receive care in less restrictive settings 6. Levels of prevention strategies prominent in outpatient psychiatric care consist of primary prevention, secondary prevention, and ________ prevention. - tertiary 7. Anna, a patient at the community mental health center, tends to stop taking her medications at intervals, usually leading to decompensation. Which of the following interventions would most likely improve her adherence to her medications? - Help Anna to understand her illness and share in decisions about her care. 8. A friend recognizes that his depression has returned and tells you he is suicidal and afraid he will harm himself. He wishes to be hospitalized but does not have health insurance. [Show More]

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