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Defense Acquisition University CLC 222 (COR) Training Module 6 Exam Special Considerations. 100%

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Defense Acquisition University CLC 222 (COR) Training Module 6 Exam Special Considerations CLC 222 Module 6 Exam: Special Considerations A Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP) is ____... ______? ·The Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP) provides the government inspection plan to ensure contractor quality. · The contractor is performing exceptionally, especially Sally. How do you as the COR recognize Sally's accomplishments? · You are a COR and your contract for a critical barracks construction project is three weeks behind schedule. Two hundred soldiers are due to arrive on the scheduled completion date. If the barracks are not available, the soldiers will have no living quarters. What should the COR look for in the contract that protects the governments best interest, i.e. paying for the housing of the 200 soldiers? · An Earned Value Management system that is formally validated and accepted by the cognizant contracting officer is required on cost or incentive contracts valued at or greater than ____. · The ANSI/EIA 32 management system guidelines include (Select all that apply) § Managerial analysis § Scheduling § Organizing · Considerations for choosing an appropriate quality assurance surveillance method for a service contract include: · Personnel services contracts are authorized by the government when · Information security ensures that sensitive or proprietary information is disclosed or discussed only to those who have a need to know. · In construction; a Contracting Officer may suspend work for a "reasonable" period of time. It is imperative a COR maintain adequate records because: [Show More]

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