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NR 661 Week 6 APN Capstone Practicum- Portfolio Part 2 LATEST 2022-2023

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PORTFOLIO 2 Table of Contents Exemplar 1 – NR 503: Reflection of the course----------------------------------------------------4 Program outcome, MSN essential, and NONPF ------------------------... ---------6 Concept ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------7 Reflection---------------------------------------------------------------------------------7 Exemplar 2 NR 508: Class Discussion ------------------------------------------------------------8 Program outcome, MSN essential, NONPF ---------------------------------------10 Concepts-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------11 Reflection---------------------------------------------------------------------------------11 Exemplar 3 NR 509: Reflection of the course ----------------------------------------------------12 Program outcome, MSN essential, NONPF-------------------------------------12 Concepts -------------------------------------------------------------------------------14 Reflection ------------------------------------------------------------------------------14 Exemplar 4 NR 510 APN development Paper -----------------------------------------------------15 Program outcome, MSN essential, NONPF---------------------------------------19 Concepts --------------------------------------------------------------------------------20 Reflection -------------------------------------------------------------------------------20 Exemplar 5 NR 511Case Study-----------------------------------------------------------------------21 Program outcome, MSN essential, NONPF ---------------------------------------25 Concepts ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------26 Reflection ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------27 Exemplar 6 R601 Course Reflection -----------------------------------------------------------------28 Program outcome, MSN essential, NONPF -----------------------------------------29 Concepts -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------31 3 PORTFOLIO 2 Reflection ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------31 Exemplar 7 NR 601 Case study Assignment ----------------------------------------------------32 Program outcome, MSN essential, NONPF------------------------------------51 Concepts -----------------------------------------------------------------------------52 Reflection -----------------------------------------------------------------------------52 Exemplar 8 NR602Marginalized Women Paper -------------------------------------------------53 Program outcome, MSN essential, NONPF-------------------------------------62 Concepts ------------------------------------------------------------------------------63 Reflection------------------------------------------------------------------------------64 Exemplar 9 NR602 Case study discussion ---------------------------------------------------------64 Program outcome, MSN essential, NONPF--------------------------------------69 Concepts --------------------------------------------------------------------------------70 Reflection -------------------------------------------------------------------------------71 Exemplar 10 NR603Case study discussion --------------------------------------------------------71 Program outcome, MSN essential, NONPF--------------------------------------76 Concepts ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------78 Reflection --------------------------------------------------------------------------------78 Conclusion---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------79 Appendix # 1 Table of Exemplars ---------------------------------------------------------------------80 Appendix # 2Nursing Concept Map------------------------------------------------------------------ 81 References-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 82 4 PORTFOLIO 2 The primary purpose of a master portfolio is to document, categorize, and, skills, and abilities; growth; and progress of a student, and as a professional. This is especially critical for healthcare providers and students learning and working in increasingly complex communities of education and practice. This has achieved through class discussions, case studies, assignments, clinical rotation, clinical encounters, and reflection. The paper will discuss this learning using exemplars. The purpose of this paper will introduce the student personal and professional goal, as well as her professional career and plan of study using evidence-based resources and core competency at chamberlain university. The summary of reflections is based on the evidences of the knowledge that this student has learned during the entire course of MSN. Exemplar 1: NR 503 Population Health Epidemiology and Statistical Principles Summary of Reflection: This class helps the student to gain knowledge regarding the current issue and data of epidemiology. As a nurse practitioner that is the duty to provide the care across the life span without any judgment, bias and option. This class helped the student to establish a good base to be able to recognize the origin of disease processes, how to extract medical information in order to discern the problem, and how to choose the best diagnostic test and treatment options based on the disease process. During this class the student wrote the paper on Hepatitis B as well as Diabetes Mellites that provide education and emotional support are necessary to assist in coping with this potentially life-threatening disease. Student learned about the Epidemiologic Triage which provide the information on disease progression through susceptible host, causative agent and environment (CDC, n. d.). 5 PORTFOLIO 2 This class help the student to applied and integrates broad, organizational, client-centered and culturally appropriate concept in planning, delivery, management and evaluation of evidence-based clinical prevention and population care and services to individuals, family and population (AACN, 2011 P. 5). This Class helps to screening, Identify the risk factors which helps people on primary, secondary and tertiary level prevention. FNP incorporate AACN essentials to delivery of optimal care. This class was a very informative class that greatly increased her knowledge of epidemiology and its use in the medical field. She did not realize how important epidemiology was to the medical field and how it can be used to guide public health policies to promote health in our communities and across our nation. The student write one Healthy People 2020 assignment gave her the opportunity to identify sources of epidemiological data as it related to the Hepatitis B, review demographic and epidemiological data on morbidity and mortality risk, research screening and diagnostic tests available for Hepatitis , and finally identify a program plan to decrease the incidence of Hepatitis through the Healthy People 2020 goals and objectives. References: American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) Essentials. (2011). Retrieved April 10, 2018, from http://www.aacnnursing.org/Education-Resources/AACN-Essentials (Links to an external site.) CDC. (n.d). Introduction to epidemiology. Retrieved March 23, 2018, from https://www.cdc.gov/ophss/csels/dsepd/ss1978/lesson1/section 8.html Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) in Advanced Clinical and Non-Clinical Roles. (n.d.). Retrieved April 10, 2018, from https://www.msnedu.org/ (Links to an external site.) [Show More]

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