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NCSBN QUESTIONS Q-The nurse is planning care for a 2-year-old hospitalized child. Which issue will produce the most stress at this age? Separation anxiety -Correct! Bodily injury Fear of pain Lo... ss of control R-Toddlers experience separation from their parents as a major stressor. Separation anxiety peaks in the toddler years and will produce the most stress at this age. Q-A nurse is teaching a group of adults about modifiable risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Which risk factor is most important to include? Smoking cessation -Correct! Physical exercise Weight reduction Stress management R-Smoking cessation is a priority for clients at risk for cardiac disease. Smoking's effects result in reduction of cell oxygenation and constriction of the blood vessels. All of the other factors should be addressed at some point in time, but the priority modifiable cardiac risk factor is smoking. Q-The clinic nurse is assisting with medical billing. The nurse uses the Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) manual for which purpose? To identify findings related to a medical diagnosis. To classify nursing problems from the client's health history. To determine reimbursement for a medical diagnosis. -Correct! To implement nursing care based on case management protocols. [Show More]

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