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MED SURG 120 - week 2 quiz 1-with 100% verified solutions-2022-2023

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MED SURG 120 - week 2 quiz 1-with 100% verified solutions-2022-2023 Chapter 14: Care of Preoperative Patients 1. An older client is hospitalized after an operation. When assessing the client... for postoperative infection, the nurse places priority on which assessment? a. Change in behavior 2. A preoperative nurse is assessing a client prior to surgery. Which information would be most important for the nurse to relay to the surgical team? d. Use of multiple herbs and supplements 3. A nurse works on the postoperative floor and has four clients who are being discharged tomorrow. Which one has the greatest need for the nurse to consult other members of the health care team for post-discharge care? c. Older adult who lives at home despite some memory loss 4. A clinic nurse is teaching a client prior to surgery. The client does not seem to comprehend the teaching, forgets a lot of what is said, and asks the same questions again and again. What action by the nurse is best? a. Assess the client for anxiety. 5. A preoperative nurse is reviewing morning laboratory values on four clients waiting for surgery. Which result warrants immediate communication with the surgical team? c. Potassium: 2.9 mEq/L 6. An inpatient nurse brings an informed consent form to a client for an operation scheduled for tomorrow. The client asks about possible complications from the operation. What response by the nurse is best? b. Do not have the client sign the consent and call the surgeon. CONTINUED.... [Show More]

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