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NCLEX-RN EXAM REVIEW 2022 When selecting an NCLEX answer or determining the order of priority what should you remember or use and what is the exception? - correct answerUse the ABC rule: Airway breat... hing, and circulation. The exception to the rule is with actual CPR, use C-A-B for CPR. Also remember safety first and acute before chronic. If the pt. is not in distress then you assess. If the pt is in distress then you should do something. If the pt has diaphorisis you should always do something. How should you address questions related to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs - correct answerAddress physiological needs first, followed by safety and security needs, love and belonging needs, self esteem needs and finally self actualization needs. *When a physiological need is not addressed in the question, look for the option that addresses safety. If a question is related to the nursing process, read the question to determine the step of the nursing process. What are the steps in the nursing process and what kind of question might be related to that step. - correct answerAssessment question address the gathering and verification of data. Analysis questions require the nurse to: interpret data, collect additional information, identify and communicate nursing diagnoses and determine the health team's ability to meet the pts needs. Planning questions ask about determining, prioritizing, and modifying outcomes of care. Implementation questions reflect the management and organization of care and the assignment and delegation of tasks. Be prepared for questions on client teaching. Evaluation questions focus on comparing the actual outcomes of care with the expected outcomes and on communicating and documenting findings. What are the normal ranges for H&H? What are the nursing implications - correct answerHemoglobin - Male 14-18 Female 12-16 Newborn 14-24 High altitude living increases value, slight decrease during pregnancy. Drug therapy can alter values. Hematocrit - Male 42-52 Female 37-47 Newborn 44-64 Prolonged stasis from vasoconstriction secondary to the tourniquet can alter values. Abnormalities in RBC size may alter Hct values What are the normal ranges for WBC? What can increase values? What can decrease values? [Show More]

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