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PECT PreK-4 Practice Test Module 1 Questions with Correct Answers

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PECT PreK-4 Practice Test Module 1 Questions with Correct Answers Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences focuses primarily on which of the following aspects of education? A. the key rol... e of environment in promoting children's learning B. the use of scaffolding techniques to help children learn C. the active involvement of children in learning activities D. the various ways in which children think and learn ✔ANS✔ D A PreK-4 teacher can best create a culturally inclusive classroom environment for all students by regularly: A. encouraging students to share information about their cultures with the class. B. celebrating a variety of cultural holidays from around the world with students. C. placing students from similar cultural backgrounds together for small-group activities. D. providing students and their families with information about community cultural events. ✔ANS✔ A A kindergarten teacher observes two children playing together. The children are attempting to use blocks and other play materials to build a bridge for their toy cars. The first bridge that they build collapses when they begin to roll the toy cars across it. Which of the following teacher questions would best promote the development of the students' reasoning and problem-solving skills? A. Why do you think the bridge fell over? How can you build the bridge differently? B. What if you pretended that your cars could fly? Would you still need to build a bridge? C. What different objects did you use to make your bridge? How are they different? D. Can you picture a real bridge in your mind? Did your bridge look like a real bridge? ✔ANS✔ A Children who demonstrate typical language development most often begin using twoword utterances between the ages of: A. 6 to 9 months. B. 12 to 15 months. C. 18 to 24 months. D. 30 to 36 months. ✔ANS✔ C As second-grade students are learning a new science concept, the teacher helps them acquire knowledge and skills that they could not acquire on their own by using prompts, giving suggestions, providing feedback, and modeling activities. In this situation, which of the following strategies is the teacher primarily using to foster students' cognitive development?A. modeling B. cooperative learning C. scaffolding D. inquiry learning ✔ANS✔ C A prekindergarten teacher wants to establish a classroom environment in which spontaneous play is encouraged and play is recognized and valued as meaningful learning. Which of the following strategies would likely be most effective for the teacher to use to achieve this goal? A. modeling the correct way to play with new toys and games when introducing them to the classroom B. asking students to bring in their favorite playthings from home to share with their classmates during show-and-tell C. designing assessments that ask students to demonstrate content knowledge through play activities D. ensuring that a variety of materials are available in the classroom for students to try out and explore during playtime ✔ANS✔ D [Show More]

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