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PECT Special Ed module 2 Study Guide (actual answers) A special education teacher works in an eighth-grade classroom in which there are two students with high-functioning ASD. Both students have dif... ficulty transitioning between activities within the classroom or to different settings such as music class and the cafeteria. Which of the following strategies would likely be most effective for the teacher to try first to facilitate more successful transitions for these students? >ANS> developing a visual schedule for the students that shows the activities for the day in the order that they will occur A kindergarten teacher is planning an activity in which the students will be sorting blocks of various shapes and colors into containers. A five-year-old with cerebral palsy is able to discriminate shapes and colors, but her motor control problems will prevent her from physically manipulating the blocks. Which of the following would be the teacher's best approach in this situation? >ANS> arranging for the student to participate using a different mode, such as using gestures or verbal prompts to indicate where a peer buddy should put the blocks During the upcoming school year, a general education fourth-grade class will include a student with a mild intellectual disability. The fourth-grade teacher wants to structure the learning environment in a way that will support the student's learning, and he confers with the special education teacher. The special education teacher's best advice would be to suggest that the fourth-grade teacher: >ANS> create a predictable environment and explicitly teach the student classroom procedures. When asked to put away a favorite toy a seven-year-old student with an intellectual disability throws himself on the floor screaming and crying. Which of the following questions should be the special education teacher's primary consideration when determining how to respond in this situation? >ANS> How can I bring about the desired behavior while maintaining the student's dignity? A special education teacher and a general education teacher co-teach in an inclusion kindergarten class. The teachers are planning a field trip to the local zoo. They are aware that a student with ASD has extreme difficulty with changes in routine and that going on the field trip is likely to be challenging for her. Which of the following strategies is likely to be most effective in helping prevent the student from having a crisis during the field trip? >ANS> talking with the student in the days leading up to the trip about the zoo and what the class will see and do there An 11-year-old student with Down syndrome and an associated mild intellectual disability attends a general education sixth-grade class full time with a special education teacher providing consultation support. The sixth-grade teacher notices that the student has trouble transitioning between lessons. For example, the student often mixes up the books and papers he is putting away with those he is taking out. The sixth-grade teacher asks the special education teacher how best to address this issue. Which of the following strategies would likely be most helpful for the special education teacher tosuggest? >ANS> helping the student color-code his materials to provide visual cues that will support his ability to make transitions independently Which of the following strategies by a special education teacher in an elementary school has the greatest potential for promoting positive attitudes toward students with disabilities by general education teachers? >ANS> providing the teachers with training on working with students with disabilities and strategies for meeting students' specific needs Which of the following adaptations to the physical environment in a fifth-grade classroom would best support the learning needs of students with ADHD? >ANS> providing individual study spaces that are free of distractions where students can work as needed Which of the following types of words would be most typical in the vocabulary of a child in the earliest stage of first-language acquisition? >ANS> nouns for common objects like ball and cookie A special education teacher is working with a small group of kindergarten students that includes two students with developmental delays. The teacher is working on developing oral language skills that support literacy development. Which of the following teacher strategies would best address this goal? >ANS> reading aloud a familiar nursery rhyme and asking students for rhyming words to replace words in the nursery rhyme Which of the following oral language activities develops skills that are prerequisites for decoding words when reading? >ANS> breaking a spoken word into individual sounds Before a first-grade student who is nonspeaking is taught how to use an AAC device such as a graphic communication board or a voice output communication aid (VOCA), the student should first have the ability to: >ANS> produce intentional communication and understand the meaning of symbols. When a four-year-old with ASD who is nonverbal wants something, she will grab an adult's hand and shove it toward the desired object. One of the child's communication goals is that she will request objects she wants. Which of the following would be the special education teacher's best initial strategy for helping the child achieve this goal? >ANS> making picture cards of the child's favorite objects and prompting her to present a card to the teacher when she wants a specific object [Show More]

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