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Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician Final Exam Practice Questions and Answers with complete solutions

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Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician Final Exam Practice Questions and Answers with complete solutions What is not a physical method of euthanasia? ✔✔ Carbon Dioxide Mice exhibit postpartum e... strus. They will normally come into estrus within ______ hours after giving birth. ✔✔ 24 A male ferret is called a ____ and a female is called a _____. ✔✔ Hob; jill Scientific technology has developed the technique for introducing genetic material from one animal into the fertilized egg of a different animal. When the offspring are born they are called ____. ✔✔ Transgenics Eating feces is termed _____. ✔✔ Coprophagy When an is mostly active at night they are said to be _____. ✔✔ Nocturnal The common laboratory rat, Rattus norvegicus, was developed from the wild brown ______ rat. ✔✔ Norway The reddish material found in the tears and saliva of rats is called _____. ✔✔ Porphyrin The hooded rat is also known as a _______ rat. ✔✔ Long-Evans The golden hamster is also known as the _____ hamster. ✔✔ Syrian The most unusual feature of the hamster, which makes it a popular model for research is their ___. ✔✔ Cheek pouch Hamsters urine is normally _____ in color. ✔✔ Whitish If an animal is born blind and helpless, it is considered to be _______. ✔✔ altricial The most common outbred guinea pig used in research is the ______. ✔✔ DunkinHartley The normal gestation period for the cat is ___ months(s). ✔✔ Two A female guinea pig is called a _____. ✔✔ Sow Guinea pigs cannot syuthesize vitamin ____. ✔✔ CThe unique reproductive trait among gerbils is that they _______. ✔✔ Mate for life An unusual behavior noticed in approximately 20% of gerbils is spontaneous _____. ✔✔ Seizures Gerbils have relatively little odor compared to other rodents because ______. ✔✔ they produce very small amounts of urine Paturation in rabbits is called ______. ✔✔ kindling A female rabbit does not release eggs from her ovaries unit after mating has occurred, This process is called ______ ovulation. ✔✔ Induced The normal gestation period for the dog is _____ month(s). ✔✔ Two The primary reason a rabiit ingests night feces is to _____. ✔✔ recover B vitamins, proteins and water The scientific term used to describe blood in the urine is ______. ✔✔ hematuria The gestation period of the rabbit is approximately _____ days. ✔✔ 30 Every six months, a female cat will have several periods of estrus which last 3-6 days. Reproductively she is said to be ______. ✔✔ Seasonally polyestrous [Show More]

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