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WGU C724 Study Sets Latest Updated 2022 Graded A

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WGU C724 Study Sets Latest Updated 2022 Graded A The evolution of software has produced the ability to manage large databases of information, known as ✔✔database management systems (DBMS) was ... the first computer software language for business applications ✔✔Common Business Oriented Language (COBOL) is a programming environment that provides tools to developers to write code. ✔✔Integrated Development Environment (IDE) components include devices that provide input into the processing unit. These include peripherals, such as the keyboard, mouse, microphone (audio input), sensors, and document or visual scanners. ✔✔Input which is the brain of the computer. Historically, this unit included several components, such as a control unit, a processor, an arithmetic or logic unit, and memory components. ✔✔Central Processing Unit (CPU) components include primary temporary storage and secondary long-term storage devices. ✔✔Storage is temporary or short-term storage used by the processor. ✔✔Random Access Memory (RAM) components include internal storage devices or processes, as well as external peripherals such as monitor screens (visual output), speakers (audio output), and printers (physical output). ✔✔Outputwhich is the medium through which communications between the input, processor, storage, and output occur. ✔✔System Bus or similarly the backplane, of a system is the device that contains the system bus and connects the various input and output devices that compose any given computer system. ✔✔Motherboard tracking barcodes and wireless sensor networks, some used in supply chain operations. ✔✔radio frequency identification (RFID) A person interacts with digital data through a physical environment. ✔✔Tangible User Interface (TUI) is the most advanced integrated circuit and holds millions of integrated circuits in a semiconductor chip. They are programmable devices that process instructions and incorporate the four functions of a computer central processing unit (CPU), which includes fetch, decode, execute and store. ✔✔Microprocessor [Show More]

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