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WGU C724 Questions and Answers Rated A Data ✔✔Symbols or signals that are input, stored, and processed by a computer for output as usable information. Hardware ✔✔the physical equipment and... devices that make up a computer system and are connected by networks. Includes input, output, and storage devices. People ✔✔are the information system professionals and users who use computers Software ✔✔Made up of programs and instructions to run your computer and network. Network ✔✔a system of computers joined together so they can communicate and share resources. Processes ✔✔Processes and procedures provide a structured sequence of activities to govern the use, operation, and maintenance of IS. Executive Information System (EIS) ✔✔This system supports senior executives by providing important data in the form of graphs and charts to analyze and identify long-term trends. Decision-Support Systems (DSS) ✔✔focus on supporting all phases of specific decision-making processes and procedures for arriving at a solution. The Four Components of Decision-Support Systems (DSS) ✔✔data, model, knowledge, and user interface management.Management Information Systems (MIS) ✔✔represent a category of information systems that serve low or first level managers and are usually focused on short- to medium-term business decisions. The Five Components of Management Information Systems (MIS) ✔✔hardware, software, database, network, and people. Transaction processing systems (TPS) ✔✔collect, store, update, and retrieve transaction data within an organization and is used by middle management. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) ✔✔are used by executive and upper management to see how the organization is performing in certain areas. Executive Support Systems (ESS) ✔✔use internal and external data to help executives make unstructured decisions. The Four Components of the Executive Support Systems (ESS) ✔✔hardware, software, user interface, and telecommunications. Information Systems ✔✔an integrated network of components that provide managerial and operational support to businesses by collecting and processing data into useful information as well as providing for storage, retrieval, and security of data and the information it's transformed into. Information Technology ✔✔refers to the hardware and software required to manage and deliver information. Information ✔✔is the meaningful organization of data so that statements can be made about them. Major Reasons Firms Invest in Information Systems ✔✔1. achieve operational excellence 2. develop new products and services [Show More]

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