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WGU C724 Information Systems Management Unit 3 Test Already Passed

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WGU C724 Information Systems Management Unit 3 Test Already Passed Memory and CPU ✔✔WHAT are the components found on a computer's motherboard? a.) Memory and CPU b.) Hard drive and Memory c.)... CPU and Hard drive Manage incoming data and catalog data ✔✔When looking at the evolution of software, databases have grown in features and popularity. What do database management system (DBMS) applications do for business? a.) Compile data into machine language and manage incoming data b.) Manage incoming data and catalog data c.) Catalog data and compile data into machine language Automation ✔✔Software applications benefit business because they enable process WHAT? a.) Elimination b.) Automation c.) Redundancy False ✔✔[True/False] A desktop processor is designed to meet the needs of one person, whereas a server meets the needs of many people. Server processors are designed for speed and reliability, so they always use a quad-core processor. a.) Trueb.) False True ✔✔[True/False] Human touch and human gestures are computer input technologies. a.) True b.) False System on a chip ✔✔A microchip that performs more functions than a CPU and has other devices embedded in it is called WHAT? a.) DRAM b.) System on a chip c.) Multi-core CPU False ✔✔[True/False] RAM is a secondary storage device, and it stands for Read Access Memory. a.) True b.) False Operating system ✔✔In order to function, all computer systems are composed of hardware components, software components,and require a CPU as well as a(n)? a.) Hard drive b.) Operating system c.) Application True ✔✔[True/False] Engineers tasked with designing complex systems typically require workstations as their computer systems. a.) Trueb.) False True ✔✔[True/False] A 2-in-1 computer system is a computer that can act as a laptop, with high level of capability, and use the display as an touch screen pad. a.) True b.) False Application ✔✔What software allows computer users to perform activities, functions, or tasks? a.) Routing b.) Application c.) Operating Utility ✔✔Which of the following items is a type of system software? a.) Routing b.) DBMS c.) Utility True ✔✔[True/False] Open-source software has been found to contain fewer defects than proprietary software. a.) True b.) False False ✔✔[True/False] HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a software language used to manage relational databases. a.) Trueb.) False True ✔✔[True/False] Software applications have a life cycle because of hardware technological advances described by Moore's Law. a.) True b.) False True ✔✔[True/False] RFID technology enables companies to monitor and track inventory using wireless handheld devices. a.) True b.) False False ✔✔[True/False] Cloud computing allows users to mix and match software components to create a customized application. a.) True b.) False False ✔✔[True/False] When purchasing hardware, do not purchase more than the minimum required by the software. a.) True b.) False True ✔✔[True/False] The term "PC," which stands for personal computer, was adopted because of the success of the IBM personal computer. a.) Trueb.) False True ✔✔[True/False] Computer software is a set of machine-readable instructions that makes computers perform specific tasks [Show More]

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