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WGU - C724 (Information Systems Management) PHGO-3 Latest 2022 Graded A+

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WGU - C724 (Information Systems Management) PHGO-3 Latest 2022 Graded A+ A small company that is growing quickly into a medium-sized company is facing the challenge of consolidating and storing in... formation received from multiple sources from the ground up in order to ensure that operations run efficiently. The company needs to hire an expert who will, in addition to the above, maintain security and apply upgrades as needed. ✔✔Database administrator The manufacturer of a popular mouthwash liquid brand is losing sales to a competitor who has been able to use bulk purchasing of its main ingredients from its wholesalers to receive a substantial price break in materials. Which IT management challenge is addressed in this scenario? ✔✔Develop strong relationships with suppliers A medium-sized legal services firm is facing an uncertain future as its larger competitors have managed to outsource their legal transcriptions services to virtual companies, thereby substantially reducing their internal secretarial pool. Which IT management challenge is does the medium-sized legal services firm face in this scenario? ✔✔Ensure long-term survival An automobile manufacturer is considering equipping the engines of its new models with the capability of detecting early symptoms of an imminent mechanical or electric failure, automatically transmitting that warning to the dealership from which the customer purchased the car, and the dealership automatically contacting the customer to schedule a repair appointment. It is facing the challenge of whether all this is technically feasible and operationally viable. Who needs to address this challenge of value creation through technology use? ✔✔Chief technology officer A car dealership has been receiving complaints from its customers about its inflexible repair system in which customers who drop off their cars the previous evening are not properly placed inthe queue and tend to be placed behind those who drop off their cars the morning of the scheduled repair. It needs technical staff members who understand the scheduling/drop-off operation so it can determine and articulate precise customer needs to the programmers who would then build the code behind the system. What type of challenge is this? ✔✔User requirements An international company is facing the challenge of its software development team working on a specific application spread across the globe in 16 countries in 12 different time zones. Flying them to the same location once a week or even once a month for coordination purposes would be prohibitively expensive. Moreover, the issues that arise tend to be urgent and in need of almost immediate resolution in communication with team members in other countries. Which communication style is necessary to resolve the issues in the given scenario? ✔✔Synchronous Match the description of business functions supported by information systems to its corresponding department name. Answer options may be used more than once or not at all. Select your answers from the pull-down list. ✔✔An employee processes accounts payable using proprietary software - Accounting department An employee verifies a customer's credit status using a credit check software - Sales and marketing department An employee processes monthly payroll checks and benefits using an open-source software - Human resources department An employee reviews daily inventory reports using an inventory management software - Production and operations department There are six major components of a computer-based information system, four of which are also in the information technology component. Which two components are only parts of the information system? Choose 2 answers ✔✔Peop [Show More]

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