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ATI Maternal Newborn Proctored Exam 2020 (Detail Solutions and Resource for the test)

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ATI Maternal Newborn Proctored Exam (Detail Solutions and Resource for the test) 1. Two days after delivery, a postpartum client prepares for discharge. What should the nurse teach her about lochi a f... low? Incorrect: Lochia does change color but goes from lochia rubra (bright red) on days 1-3, to lochia serosa (pinkish brown) on days 4-9, to lochia alba (creamy white) days 10-21. Incorrect: Numerous clots are abnormal and should be reported to the physician. Incorrect: Saturation of the perineal pad is considered abnormal and may indicate postpartum hemorrhage. Correct: Lochia normally lasts for about 21 days, and changes from a bright red, to pinkish brown, to creamy white. The color of the lochia changes from a bright red to white after four days Numerous large clots are normal for the next three to four days Saturation of the perineal pad with blood is expected when getting up from the bed Lochia should last for about 3 weeks, changing color every few days 2. A nurse monitors fetal well-being by means of an external monitor. At the peak of the contractions, the fetal heart rate has repeatedly dropped 30 beats/min below the baseline. Late decelerations are suspected and the nurse notifies the physician. Which is the rationale for this action? Incorrect: A nuchal cord (cord around the neck) is associated with variable decelerations, not late decelerations. Incorrect: Variable decelerations (not late decelerations) are associated with cord compression. Incorrect: Late decelerations are a result of hypoxia. They are not reflective of the strength of maternal contractions. Correct: Late decelerations are associated with uteroplacental insufficiency and are a sign of fetal hypoxia. Repeated late decelerations indicate fetal distress. The umbilical cord is wrapped tightly around the fetus' neck The fetal cord is being compressed due to rapid descent of the fetal head Maternal contractions are not adequate enough to deliver the fetus The fetus is not receiving adequate oxygen and is in distress 3. Which preoperative nursing interventions should be included for a client who is scheduled to have an emergency cesarean birth? Incorrect: Monitoring O2 saturations and administering pain medications are postoperative interventions. Incorrect: Taking vital signs every 15 minutes is a postoperative intervention. Instructing the client regarding breathing exercises is not appropriate in a crisis situation when the client's anxiety is high, because information would probably not be retained. In an emergency, there is time only for essential interventions. Correct: Because this is an emergency, surgery must be performed quickly. Anxiety of the client and the family will be high. Inserting an indwelling catheter helps to keep the bladder empty and free from injury when the incision is made. Incorrect: The nurse should have assessed breath sounds upon admission. Breath sounds are important if the client is to receive general anesthesia, but the anesthesiologist will be listening to breath sounds in surgery in that case. Monitor oxygen saturation and administer pain medication. Assess vital signs every 15 minutes and instruct the client about postoperative care. Alleviate anxiety and insert an indwelling catheter. Perform a sterile vaginal examination and assess breath sounds. [Show More]

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