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Rasmussen College - A&P 1 MA278/BSC2A&P (online) Final Exam. Graded A

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A dermatome is associated with a specific cranial nerve that innervates the body’s skin? * Which endocrine hormone, in higher quantities, can suppress the function of the immune system and decre... ase inflammation of the body? What is NOT a symptom of hypothyroidism? A tendon is a band of connective tissue that attaches and stabilizes one bone to another within a joint? * Which statement is correct regarding the dorsal horn of the spinal cord? Which of the following is not an effect of the parasympathetic nervous system? What statement is NOT true regarding the special senses? Both the epidermis and dermis contain blood vessels? Which statement is NOT true of dendrites? Grey matter of nerve tissue is a region or collection of nerve cell bodies whose main function is to transmit nerve impulses from one region of the nervous system to another? Which type of neuroglia cell forms myelin sheaths on axons within the peripheral nervous system? Which endocrine hormone is involved with increasing the blood calcium levels of the body? The cerebellum is primarily involved with conscious thought and emotions? * Which endocrine hormone influences the uterine contractions during pregnancy and stimulates breast milk during breast-feeding Which statement is NOT true regarding neurons? What statement is NOT true regarding the endocrine system? Blockage of the auditory (Eustachian) tube can result in conductive hearing loss? Addison’s disease is due to increased amounts of cortisol being secreted? Which statement is NOT true regarding skeletal muscle tissue? A neurotransmitter bound to a postsynaptic neuron membrane will affect its permeability of certain ions that will either cause in increase OR decrease ability to initiate an action potential? The spiral organ contains hair cells that form action potentials when stimulated to allow for the sense of smell to occur? This endocrine hormone is stored in the posterior pituitary and increases the amount of water reabsorbed in the kidneys increasing blood pressure and blood volume? Which statement is NOT true regarding the special senses? The sense of taste depends upon the binding of food molecules dissolved in saliva onto sensory hair cells? Hyperthyroidism is commonly caused by insufficient amounts of the element iodine within the body? Red bone marrow is only found in spongy bone and is involved in hemopoiesis? What statement is NOT true of otitis media? Peripheral neuropathy can cause damage to axons of peripheral nerves leading to dysfunction of the conduction of an action potential? What statement is true regarding reflexes? One of the main functions of the gyri and sulci is to allow for increased surface area of the cerebral cortex? What statement is true regarding the eye? The melanocytes are the most common cell in the epidermis and produce melanin? What is NOT true of the ciliary body and ciliary processes of the eye? What is not a symptom of diabetes mellitus? Which statement is NOT true regarding a spinal (peripheral) nerve? Both aldosterone and antidiuretic hormones have indirect effects of increasing blood volume and blood pressure? Which statement is NOT true regarding the meninges and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)? What is not a function of cerebrospinal fluid? This type of bone cell will breakdown the matric of bone tissue and release calcium into the The autonomic nervous system will innervate both internal organs and skeletal muscles? Which eye condition best describes the vision impairment that occurs when individuals age and the lens becomes less flexibility which causes the refracted light to fall behind the retina? This organelle is responsible for producing adenosine triphosphate (ATP)? The central nervous system provides neural integration of efferent information transmitted from the autonomic nervous system? Which statement is true regarding the neuron synapse? Which statement is true regarding the white matter of the spinal cord? What statement is NOT true regarding the peripheral nervous system (PNS)? Which of the following is NOT necessary for muscle contraction to occur? This sensory region of the cerebrum is involved with the ability to understand written and spoken language? The nerve plexuses of the body allow for individual nerves to have axons from multiple nerve root levels? What is NOT true of aerobic and anaerobic cellular respiration? The parasympathetic nervous system is a branch of the somatic efferent peripheral nervous What sense organ allows for detection of the position of the head in the gravitational field? The spinal cord travels from the foramen magnum of the occipital bone down to the sacrum region? Which cranial nerve is not involved in motor control of eye movement? What statement is NOT true of epiphyseal plates? Which region of the brain stem is associated with nuclei centers that control various autonomic activities such as sneezing, coughing and respiration rate? Which statement is NOT true regarding the myelin sheaths? Which statement id true regarding action potentials? Which statement is NOT true regarding the CNS? Damage to a lower motor neuron can cause a positive Babinski’s sign? [Show More]

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