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a) The Human Resources Department of a large university maintains records on its faculty members. The table displays some of these data. Payroll Number Birth date Faculty Years of Employment... Teaching Rating (1-5 scale) Salary Classification 1520 02/20/56 Law 25 4.1 IV 3210 05/13/62 Science 17 3.9 III 0342 10/12/69 Business 12 4.5 II 2988 02/27/78 Arts 4 4.3 I Place an X in the space beside each variable that is best described as Quantitative. __ Payroll Number __ Birth date __ Faculty __Years of Employment __ Teaching Rating __ Salary Classification b) Which of the following is (are) based on cross-sectional data? __A. Company quarterly profits __B. Percentage of Canadian adults who work full-time __C. Historical closing stock prices __D. Yearly student enrolments __E. Annual costs c) Which of the following is (are) time series data? __A. Number of employees in 2012 __B. This month’s demand for an automotive part __C. This quarter’s sales of automobiles __D. Weekly receipts at a clothing boutique __E. Percentage of employees who are female d) The administration of a large university wants to study the types of wellness programs that would interest its employees. They plan to survey a random sample of employees. Under consideration are several sampling plans. Beside each plan, write the number of the sampling strategy given in the following list. for each. Choose from among: 1 = Simple Random Sampling 2 = Stratified Random Sampling 3 = Cluster Sampling 4 = Systematic Sampling __ (i) There are five categories of employees (administration, faculty, professional staff, clerical and maintenance). Randomly select ten individuals from each category. __ (ii) Each employee has an ID number. Randomly select 50 numbers. __ (iii) Randomly select a school within the university (e.g., Business School) and survey all of the individuals (administration, faculty, professional staff, clerical and maintenance) who work in that school. __ (iv) The HR Department has an alphabetized list of newly hired employees (hired within the last five years). After starting the process by randomly selecting an employee from [Show More]

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