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BIO201L Lab 8 The Nervous System[ALL ANSWERS 100% CORRECT] PRE-LAB Q&A

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Lab 8 The Nervous System BIO201L Student Name: Latoya Tulloch Access Code (located on the lid of your lab kit): AC-7JYMXQH Pre-Lab Questions: ”1. What is the primary function of the nervous syste... m?” Nervous sytem primary function involves preserving body homeostasis and sensing stimuli through assembling and processing sensory signals in both internal and external environments of the body. ”2. Why does the cerebral cortex contain so many folds? ” To enhance the surface area and fit in the skull volume, the cerebral cortex has many folds. ”3. What is a nerve impulse? ” Nerve impulse entails an electrical signal transmitted down nerve fibers from an axon terminal containg electrical depolarization wave which reverses any potential differences acostumed in the membranes of nerve cells ”4. What are Schwann cells and what do they form? ” Schwann cells represents the glial cells responsible for keeping alive the peripheral nerve fibers through supporting the neurons by sorounding and insulating them. They fomulate spiral layers across the myelinated nerve fiber in formyelin sheath and nodes of ranvier. ”5. What is an all-or-none response? ” All-or-none response entails musle fiber or nerve reacting to stimulus response towards a stimulus during occassions where the stimulus or signal is greater than threshold potential and when lower, there is no response from the muscle fiber or nerve. ”6. What two effects might neurotransmitters have? ” Excitory neurotransmitters are responsible for exciting the brain while inhibitory neurotransmitters function to cool it. Experiment 1: Microscopic Anatomy of the Nervous System Post-Lab Questions ”1. Label the arrows in the slide images below based on your observations from the experiment. ” A- axon B- cell bodies C- myelinated axons D- myelin sheaths Lab 8 The Nervous System BIO201L Lab 8 The Nervous System BIO201L ”2. What is the major function of the neuron? ” Neurons are responsible for processing and transmitting signal information across the body ”3. Are the nodes of Ranvier spaced equally along the axon? Why is this significant? ” Nodes of Ranvier are spaced equally along the axon because the distance acrosss the signal or transmission determine or affects the action potential produced during response. ”4. Define depolarization. ” The variation of charge across the plasma outer and inner membrane in muscle and nerve cell owing to transfromation in trannsportation and permiablity of sodium ions inside the cells. ”5. Describe how Schwann cells form the myelin sheath and the neurilemma. ” Schwann cells individualize to form single myelin sheath that in turn constitute the axon. The sheath incolves tightly packed cells that form spiral casing sorrounding the axon. Neurilemmea cells inolve another naming for schwann cells tightly packed on axon to create myelin sheath. ”6. What determines whether a neuron is unipolar, bipolar, or multipolar? ” The amount of signals that cell body processes. Experiment 2: Virtual Model – The Nervous System Post-Lab Questions ”1. Which feature is more superior, the sciatic nerve or the tibial nerve? ” Sciatic nerve ”2. What appendages is the radial nerve located in? ” Posterior segment of upper limb ”3. Where is the subcostal nerve located? ” Around the lower portion of T12 4. What is the role of the cerebellum? Formulating postural adjustments to facilitate maintaining balance. 5. Which part of the brain regulates taste, touch, pain, and language comprehension? Parietal lobe 6. You are a neurologist and are seeing a patient who was in a car accident and may have sustained brain damage. The patient is having trouble decoding visual information. What part of the brain may have sustained injury? Occipital lobe Insert your screenshots from the virtual model of your: 6. a) Intercostal Nerve [Show More]

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