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iHuman Week 9 Case Study - Betty Burns, 53yrs Old Female CC Self detected breast lump

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B e t t y B u rn s Pa r t 1 V 3 P C - K ( B a s i c D D x ) 48 years 5' 6" 165 pounds Betty Burns Chief complaint: Self-detected breast lump Below are the instructions for playing this DDx. cas e and ... your grading rubric: Note you will be allowed to push the Interview Progress Button and receive feedback on your history questions 10 times. a) % required history questions you asked (30% of grade) b) % required physical exam performed (30% of grade) c) differential diagnoses list (15%) d) ranking differential diagnosis list (10%) e) laboratory tests ordered (15%) Notice that getting the correct final diagnosis is not part of the graded case. This is because if you do well in each of the other parts, you WILL get the correct diagnosis. The software platform is designed to help you become proficient in the diagnostic reasoning process (all the steps prior to the final diagnosis), so you can apply this process in the real clinic setting. Key to minimizing medical errors is the clinical consideration of a broad differential diagnosis list and the selection of tests to either “rule in” or “rule out” these diagnoses [Show More]

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