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NR-293 Week 4 Quiz 2 – Case Study (anti fungal) | GRADED A

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NR-293 Week 4 Quiz 2 – Case Studies Case Study Antibiotic Therapy (Lilley, pp 592-605) Explain the rationale behind the use of tazobactam with piperacillin in Which order will the nurse impl... ement first? Explain your What concerns or drug interactions will the nurse be aware of with the use of Zosyn and the other medications ordered for G.? What parameters need to be monitored to determine whether the Zosyn is working? Explain your Case study Vancomycin (Lilley, pp 620-623) What will you assess before starting the vancomycin infusion? Two days later, M complains of feeling “hot” in his face and neck, and itching in those same areas. His face and neck are flushed. What do you suspect is happening? What can you do to minimize complications during vancomycin infusions? The physician orders measurement of vancomycin blood levels. What is the therapeutic goal when vancomycin levels are monitored? What is the single best action you can take to prevent the spread of M’s MRSA infection? Case Study Chemotherapy (Lilley, pp 721-728) While the nurse prepares to start the infusion, what is important for the nurse to assess before beginning the chemotherapy? What will the nurse do before the infusion to help reduce or prevent adverse effects? During the infusion, S. mentions that she is hearing a slight “roaring” sound and that she feels a bit dizzy. What will the nurse do next? After stopping the infusion, the nurse spills some of the chemotherapy solution on her arm and the The nurse wipes up the solution with a paper towel and then notifies the charge nurse. The charge nurse becomes concerned and calls the house supervisor, environmental services department, and the hospital’s occupational health nurse. What went wrong? [Show More]

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