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CWV 101 Final Exam Questions and Answers Already Passed

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The kingdom of God ✔✔-Is central to Jesus' message of hope, wholeness, and wisdom. -Is ruled by Jesus the king. -Has often been misunderstood. -Is an upside-down kingdom. -Is in effect now, bu... t not yet fully realized. God's mission flows out of His character. ✔✔True God's mission is characterized by: ✔✔Sending and serving God calls people to serve Him and serve others through a variety of ways, but being called by God to be a pastor or missionary is a more worthwhile purpose than having a regular job. ✔✔False You may have found your purpose if: ✔✔Your work is both meaningful and enjoyable. According to Romans 8:28-29, which of the following is not mentioned as God's purpose for Christians? ✔✔That they be happy and wealthy. Within the context of Christianity, faith and belief involve: ✔✔Action and behavior Discipleship is costly. ✔✔True The Holy Spirit helps people mature in their faith. ✔✔ [Show More]

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