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BBUS 215 B Introduction to Business Statistics University of Washington – Bothell Winter 2017 Syllabus Instructor: Alla Genkin Class Time: T Thu 11:00 am – 1:00 pm Email: [email protected] Class ... Location: UW1 – 041 Phone: 425.352.5113 (office) Office Hours: Tue 1:30 – 2:30 pm at UW1 2nd floor lounge area, and by appointment Please note that the best way to reach me is via email I. COURSE SUMMARY Course Description. This course introduces students to statistical concepts and applications that are widely used in social sciences and business applications. Students examine applied quantitative methods useful in modeling business-oriented problems. Topics will include exploratory data analysis and the visual representation of data, probability distributions, fundamental concepts of statistical inference (sampling theory, point and interval estimations, hypothesis testing), and simple and multiple regression analysis. The course will focus on concepts and practice through case problems in sociology, psychology, economics and business. Special attention will be paid to the statistical practice using real data sets and spreadsheet software Excel. Class Approach. This course is designed to introduce fundamentals of descriptive statistics, probability distributions and statistical inference. Class sessions are held in classrooms with computer carts, allowing for integrated lab sessions with all students having access to Microsoft Excel on a PC. During each class sessions, in addition to lectures and discussions, students will participate in analytic activities. Outside of class, students will acquire additional insight to the course material through problem solving and team collaboration. Learning Objectives. Upon completing this course, the successful student should:  Understand the basic concepts of both descriptive and inferential statistics.  Demonstrate established approach to analyzing the data, including framing the problem, finding appropriate statistical method, and interpreting the results.  Be competent at using spreadsheet software to perform statistical analysis.  Be skilled at organizing and presenting statistical information in a format that will facilitate informed judgments.  Understand some common biases in interpreting statistical results: why they occur, and how they can be prevented.  Apply statistical concepts in their core courses in sociology, economics and finance.  Collaborate with others to complete team-based assignments. II. COURSE MATERIALS Course texts (required and optional): Business Statistics, 2 nd Edition, Robert A. Donnelly, Jr., Pearson Education, 2015 (recommended) Purchase Options: ISBN: 9780133852288 – this student-value pack includes the textbook and an access code to MyStatLab™; an access code to MyStatLab is required for homework assignments and practice problems. The cost is around $190. ISBN: 9780321946126 – Instant Access to MyStatLab with e-text. The cost is $105 and comes with an option to purchase the physical textbook later. [Show More]

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