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HESI Psychiatric Mental Health Q&A 2022 Solved Update

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Milieu therapy - ANS-1. The planned use of people, resources, and activities in the environment to assist in improving interpersonal skills, social functioning, and performing the activities of ... daily living (ADLs), as well as safety and protection for all clients 2. The focus is on the here and now (i.e ., assisting the client in dealing with the realities of today rather than focusing on situations and behaviors of the past). 3. It uses limit setting. 4. It involves the client in making decisions about her or his own care. 5. It uses activities that support group sharing, cooperation, and compromise (e.g., unit-governing groups). 6. Nursing interventions support client privacy and autonomy and provide clear expectations. Behavior modification - ANS-1. This process is used to change ineffective behavior patterns; it focuses on the consequences of actions rather than on peer pressure. 2. Positive reinforcement is used to strengthen desired behavior (e.g., a client is praised or given a token that can be exchanged for a treat or desired activity). 3. Negative reinforcement is used to decrease or eliminate inappropriate behavior (e.g., ignoring undesirable behavior, removing a token or privilege, giving a "time out"). 4. Role modeling and teaching new behaviors are important interventions. Family therapy - ANS-1. This form of group therapy identifies the entire family as the client. 2. It is based on the concept of the family as a system of interrelated parts forming a whole. 3. The focus is on the patterns of inter action within the family, not on any individual member. 4. The therapist assists the family in identifying the roles assigned to each member based on family rules. 5. Life scripts (living out parents' dreams) and self- fulfilling prophecies (unconsciously following what one thinks should happen, therefore setting it up to happen) are identified. 6. Congruent and incongruent communication patterns and behaviors are identified. 7. The goal is to decrease family conflict and anxiety and to develop appropriate role relationships. Crisis intervention - ANS-1. This form of therapy is directed at the resolution of an immediate crisis, which the individual is unable to handle alone. 2. A crisis may develop when previously learned coping mechanisms are ineffective in dealing with the current problem. continues... [Show More]

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