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RPSGT-exam 1 Questions and Answers (Complete Solution) Graded A+

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RPSGT-exam 1 Questions and Answers (Complete Solution) Graded A+ Which type of device uses selective absorption of light through blood vessels? ✔✔ Oximeter Which of the following substances ... is appropriate to use dor electrode disinfection? ✔✔ Bleach When a patient with OSA is treated with oxygen (without CPAP) it is: ✔✔ not effective in reducing apnea frequency. AASM accredicted sleep disorders centers must have: ✔✔ an accessible policies and procedures manual. In a standard polysomnographic hook-up, M1 and M2 are places over the: ✔✔ mastoid process. During physiologic calibrations, what is the minimum amount of recording time necessary for the "awake, eyes open" command? ✔✔ 30 seconds. [Show More]

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