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NURS 6512 Week 4 Quiz - Question and Answers GradeAplus

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Wound infections are often cause by all of the following organisms except: Adhesive skin glues are indicated for closure of which of the following wounds? Lidocaine with epinephrine can safely be us... ed to anesthetize which of the following? A Dennie-Morgan fold is probably caused by: A 29-year-old white woman appears jaundiced. An etiology of liver disease has been excluded. What history questions should the nurse ask? A simian line seen in the palm of a small child may imply: You are conducting a preschool examination on a 5-year-old child. Which injury would most likely raise your suspicion that the child was being abused? Fluorescing lesions are best distinguished using a(n): The skin repairs surface wounds by: Which cultural group has the lowest incidence of nevi? Assessment of poor hygiene, healed fractures with deformity, or unexplained trauma in older adults indicates: You are inspecting the lower extremities of a patient and have noted pale, shiny skin of the lower extremities. This may reflect: Mrs. Leonard brings her newborn infant into the pediatrician's office for a first well-baby visit. As the health care provider, you teach her that newborns are more vulnerable to hypothermia due to: During history taking, a mother states that her son awoke in the middle of the night complaining of intense itching to his legs. Today, your inspection reveals honey-colored exudate from the vesicular rash on his legs. Which condition is consistent with the above findings? Painful vesicles are associated with: The most common inflammatory skin condition is: You have just completed a skin assessment on Mr. Baker. During your assessment, you have transilluminated a skin lesion. During the physical examination, you know that skin lesions are transilluminated to distinguish: A flat, nonpalpable lesion is described as a macule if the diameter is: Skin turgor checks are performed to determine the: Small, minute bruises are called: [Show More]

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