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Advanced Accounting 5th Edition By Susan Hamlen (Test Bank All Chapters)

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Test Bank for Advanced Accounting 5e Susan Hamlen Chapter 1: Intercorporate Investments: An Overview (pg. 2) Chapter 2: Mergers and Acquisitions (pg. 40) Chapter 3: Consolidated Financia... l Statements: Date of Acquisition (pg. 88) Chapter 4: Consolidated Financial Statements Subsequent to Acquisition (pg. 134) Chapter 5: Consolidated Financial Statements: Outside Interests (pg. 194) Chapter 6: Consolidated Financial Statements: Intercompany Transactions (pg. 254) Chapter 7: Consolidating Foreign Currency Financial Statements (pg. 306) Chapter 8: Foreign Currency Transactions and Hedging (pg. 370) Chapter 9: Futures, Options, and Interest Rate Swaps (pg. 420) Chapter 10: State and Local Governments: Introduction and General Fund Reporting (pg. 464) Chapter 11: State and Local Governments: Other Transactions (pg. 524) Chapter 12: State and Local Governments: External Financial Reporting (pg. 586) Chapter 13: Private Not-For-Profit Organizations (pg. 644) Chapter 14: Partnership Accounting and Reporting (pg. 696) Chapter 15: Bankruptcy and Reorganization (pg. 754) Chapter 16: The SEC and Financial Reporting (pg. 802) Appendix A: Data Analytics and Blockchain Technology (pg. A-1) Index (pg. I-1) [Show More]

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