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Paramedic FISDAP Final Exam Questions and Correct Answers (Complete Solution) Graded A+

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Paramedic FISDAP Final Exam Questions and Correct Answers (Complete Solution) Graded A+ 1. A 30 year old climber is experiencing sever shortness of breath after reaching an elevation of 12000feet.... The PT is very anxious and has rales noted to all quadrants but is otherwise healthy. He is not accustomed to high altitudes. What should you do? ✔✔ Administer oxygen while descending to a lower altitude. 2. A 26 year old female does not respond to verbal stimuli but moans in response to pain. A friend states the patient has ingested approx 150 amitriptyline tables. Vital Signs are BP 88/50 R16. You establish IV access and administer a fluid challenge. En route to the hospital her ECG shows a widening QRS. You should administer ✔✔ Sodium Bicarbonate. 3. You PT experienced trauma yesterday and you are transferring her to a larger facility. She has been experiencing progressive hypoxia. You notice coarse crackles in all lung fields on ventilation. Vital signs are BP 90/50 and SPO2 90%. You should ✔✔ Transport emergency and continue ventilation. 4. An alert 22 year old male was just disentangled from debris in a house collapse. He denies head or neck pain, but complains of server hip pain. Vital signs are BP 88/40. P120 R 16 you should administer. ✔✔ sodium bicarbonate 5. Braxton Hicks contractions ✔✔ occur in the second trimester and are false labor. 6. A 40 year old male crashed his motorcycle. He had a brief loss of consciousness, woke up and walked home. You find him 2 hours later at home unconscious. You should suspect. ✔✔ epidural hematoma 7. A 47 year old male who was found unconscious on the side of the road respond only to painful stimulus. When you attempt to establish IV access he stiffens his arms and legs. He has minor abrasions all over his body. Vital signs are BO 178/122 P56 R irregular ETCO2 30. What should you do? ✔✔ Assist ventilations at 12 breaths per minHg. 8. A 28 year old female has a sudden onset of tightness in her chest and server difficulty breathing. Her tongue face and neck appear swollen and she has red itchy hives on her torso. Her signs are BP 80/40 P 130. You should administer ✔✔ Epinephrine 0.3mg 9. You are asked to set up a patient treatment area after a box labeled "radio active" was found unattended in a park. Which of the following would be the best location. ✔✔ Building in the park 10. You are at a house fire with multiple patients. Which patient should be transported First to a burn center? ✔✔ 52 year old with second degree burns to face and right hand 11. What is the most common cause of status epilepticus in adults. ✔✔ Failure to take prescribed medications 12. A 58 year old male with history of renal failure complains of dizziness lethargy and difficulty breathing. He says he missed his last dialysis appointment. Vital signs are BP 160/90 P 100 R 28 with rales heard in the basses. SPO2 92% you should suspect. ✔✔ Fluid Overload. 13. A 12 year old girl is seizing. Her mom tells you that her daughter has been feeling tired for days. Her skin is dry and she has been very thirsty. Vital signs are BP 118/80 P115 R26 you should suspect. ✔✔ Diabetic ketoacidosis 14. A 42 year old female has fallen down a flight of stairs. She appears anxious her skin is cool and clammy her radial pulses are weak at 112 beats per min and she complains of abdominal pain in the left upper quadrant with radiation to the left scapula. You should suspect. ✔✔ Torn or lacerated spleen. 15. Emergency medical responders are ventilating an apneic medical patient with a bag valve mask. You note abdominal distention and minimal chest rise. What should you do? ✔✔ Reposition the head. 16. A 6 month old male was found lying face down in the crib. He is cyanotic and apneic. A weak brachial pulse is present. You are unable to see a chest rise with your second attempt at rescue breathing after repositioning the head. What should you do. ✔✔ Start CPR 17. You have just been called to a dialysis clinic for a 58 year old male in cardiac arrest. The online physician may order you to administer which of the following medications. ✔✔ Sodium Bicarbonate. 18. A 27 year old male has been assaulted with a pen in the supraclavicular area. He is anxious and pale and his vital signs are BP 80/42 P 128 R 32 and shallow. First responders have sealed the wound with a bandage. Assessment reveals lung sounds on the right and poor chest rise what should you do. ✔✔ Burp dressing 19. A 50 pound child is unresponsive pulseless and apneic. The cardiac monitor displays ventricular fibrillations. CPR is in progress. The initial defibrillator should be at. ✔✔ 50 joules. 20. An 11 year old male has been skateboarding in 100 degrees temperature and has been drinking caffeinated soft drinks. He complains of palpations. The cardiac monitor displays a narrow QRS tachycardia at a rate of 160 beats. Vitals signs BP 110/60 P160 R 20 What should you do? ✔✔ Transport the patient by ambulance monitor closely and administer fluids en route. 21. An 80 year old male in server respiratory distress. He has a history of hypertension and breathing problems. He takes inderal daily. Vital signs are BP 170/70 P72 and irregular R40 and extremely labored skin warm and diaphoretic. Lung sounds are diffuse bilateral crackles and wheezing. He coughs up blood tinged sputum. Which of the following is most important. ✔✔ Decreasing preload 22. A 50 year old patient is found lying outside on the ground. The ambient temperature is 40 degrees F. You thermometer reads 20C 86F. He is in V-fib and pulseless and apneic. You should ✔✔ Defibrillate once perform CPR intubate and transport rapidly. 23. To successfully accomplish nasotracheal intubation you should advance the endotracheal tube though the glottic opening to coincide with patient ✔✔ Inhalation 25. An alert 23 year old male presents with a sudden onset of shortness of breath and chest pain after running upstairs. Breath sounds are diminished in the right side. The most likely cause is. ✔✔ Spontaneous pneumothorax 26. First responders are treating an apneic adult female. You notice that they are applying frequent long ventilations with an oxygen resuscitator. What effects with their actions create. ✔✔ Increased capillary elasticity. [Show More]

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