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Astro 1 Final Exam | 100 Questions with 100% Correct Answers | Updated | Download to score A+

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If a planet is seeing its moon in the new phase right now, in what phase would the planet appear to be when viewed from its moon? - ✔✔full planet What is the reason for the seasons on earth - �... �✔earth is tilted with respect to the sun by about 23.5 degrees As compared to a cool star a hotter star emits - ✔✔shorter wavelength, higher frequency, bluer color at approximately what time does the third quarter moon rise - ✔✔midnight the electrons in a cloud of hydrogen gas are making the transition from excited states to the ground state. What does the spectrum of this cloud of gas look like? - ✔✔it will consist of a few bright emission lines at a very specific wavelengths If earth had its orbit changed so that at all the point along its orbit it was always the same distance from the sun (circular) how would this effect the seasons on earth? - ✔✔the same as they are now [Show More]

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