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Department of Geography and Planning University of Saskatchewan GEOG 222.3: Introduction to Geomatics Geospatial Lab Application 9: Digital Terrain Analysis (70 points intotal)

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Question 13.1 (5 points): How does the pseudo-3D view from this position and altitude aid in bringing out the terrain features of Zion (compared to what you originally saw in the overhead view ear... lier)? The pseudo view perspective offers more of a side view of the Zion terrain and topography. This allows us to observe that the park is located in a sort of mountain valley area, surrounded by tall, rocky mountains. Although the original aerial view did provide some information on the mountainous area, the vast size of the mountains is much more obvious when observed from this side perspective Question 13.2 (5 points): How did the vertical exaggeration value of 2 affect the view of Zion? Question 13.3 (5 points): Try the following values for vertical exaggeration: 0.5, 1, and 3. How did each value affect the visualization of the terrain? In addition to the value of 2 you examined in Question 13.2, which value of vertical exaggeration was the most useful for a visual representation of Zion and why? Question 13.4 (5 points): At what elevation is the height of the park headquarters/visitors center? Question 13.5 (5 points): Can the ranger station, the campground, or the two picnic areas just south and southeast of the park headquarters be seen from the Park HQ vantage point? Question 13.6 (5 points): Can the area labelled as parking to the immediate north of your Zion Overlook point be seen from the overlook? Question 13.7 (10 points): What is blocking your view of Sand Beach trail from the overlook? Be specific in your answer. Hint: You may want to zoom in closely to your Zion Overlook placemark and position the view as if you were standing at that spot and looking in the direction of Sand Beach trail. Question 13.9 (10 points): What is the average slope for the 2.2-mile path between the park headquarters and overlook (both uphill and downhill)? Question 13.10 (5 points): What is the steepest uphill slope between the two points and where is this located? Question 13.11 (5 points): What is the steepest downhill slope between the two points and where is this located? Question 13.12 (10 points): For this section of the terrain, what is the maximum uphill and downhill slope? What is the average uphill and downhill slope? [Show More]

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