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SOCS 185N Week 4 Assignment: Social Class & Inequality (GRADED A)

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Instructions Choose one question from each of the question sets below (2 sets total). In other words, you will … answering two questions total (1 from each set). Question Set 1 Explain the ... difference between income inequality and wealth inequality in the United States. Explain the racial wealth gap. What is social stratification? Examine four common ways or systems in which groups have become stratified. How does race or ethnicity play a role in the stratification? Briefly compare and contrast a Weberian approach and a Marxian approach to characterize the social classes in the United States. In a Weberian approach, what are social classes based on or how are they understood? In a Marxian approach, how is class … ? … Weberian approach, how is the racial wealth gap understood? In a Marxian approach, how is the racial wealth gap … ? Question Set 2 Explain some characteristics of the U.S. poor based on age, gender, and race or ethnicity. Predicts people… relative chances of being poor based on age, gender, or race, for example. Explain the Gini index and its relationship to global inequality. Compare the Gini coefficient for the United States with that of other nations. What is global stratification? Examine global stratification … relationship to economic inequality. [Show More]

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