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CIS 3250 Exam 1 (Ch.1-4, 9 & Appendix A) | 50 Questions with 100% Correct Answers | Updated 2023

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Claim rights or positive rights - ✔✔impose an obligation on some people to provide certain things for others Generally, a deontologist would be more comfortable breaking a rule in circumstances ... where doing so would have good consequences. - ✔✔False More people worldwide have access to a cellphone than to a toilet. - ✔✔True It is always wrong to lie would reflect the utilitarian theory of ethics. - ✔✔False A claim right is also known as a _______________. - ✔✔Positive right A negative right is also known as a ______________. - ✔✔Liberty. Researchers are developing brain-computer interfaces to enable severely handicapped people to control appliances with their thoughts. - ✔✔True [Show More]

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