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Communication Investigation and Application Paper #1 - NOTES. St. Petersburg College PAD 3874

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Instructions After reading and contemplating all materials and videos in Module 1, complete and submit the following Communication Investigation and Analysis activity (CIA Paper #1). The activity r... equires you to apply the information you read/viewed to analyze the "Stroke of Insight" video specifically. Follow the directions for structure and content provided here. When finished, proofread your paper and submit it to this Dropbox before its due date. How to write your paper: Construct three solid, thoughtful, intelligent, paragraphs total, one in answer to each of the questions below. This means that overall your written assessment when complete must be three paragraphs, 600-800 words in total development, and include a typed, accurate word count at its end. Paragraph Topics: 1. COMMUNICATION MODEL: After learning about the different models of communication (also a video we watched this week), identify and explain the MESSAGE, RECEIVER, SENDER, CHANNEL, CODE, DECODE, and overall TYPE OF MODEL AND WHY YOU BELIEVE IT IS THIS TYPE OF MODEL (linear or interaction) as they apply to the "Stroke of Insight" speech. Label, CAPITALIZE, and underline the terms as you use them. For example, if you discuss the message, begin by stating, "The MESSAGE presented is...," etc. What’s interesting about learning about the different models of communication is later applying them to real life. For example, let’s take the TED talk given by Dr. Bolte Taylor about her personal experience with a brain disease. Dr. Bolte Taylor started studying severe mental illnesses to be able to understand the reason why a person without a brain disorder can take their dreams and connect them to their reality and make the dreams come true, while a person with a brain disorder cannot connect their dreams to a common and shared reality which later turn dreams into delusions. Throughout the talk Dr. Bolte Taylor, the SENDER, helps the audience, the RECEIVERS, understand the topic by giving a personal experience story. When she was in her mid thirties, Dr. Bolte Taylor suffered from a hemorrhage in the left half of her brain; which made her lose the ability to talk, walk, read, write or recall any of her life. While experiencing this she continued with her daily routine but could slowly feel herself falling into this deep sense of “peace” as she describes it, even though she could tell there was something wrong she could not concentrate on that thing alone. The MESSAGE Dr. Taylor is trying to give the audience, the CHANNEL being spoken words or the internet, with this life and death situation is to think beyond just ourselves as a single individual but to think of ourselves as a big energy bean connected to one another through the consciousness of our right hemisphere, which makes us all into one human family. LINEAR MODEL, a very simple yet direct model of communication is used in this specific example, the SENDER ENCODES a MESSAGE for the RECEIVER to DECODE; sounds simple but as learned in module [Show More]

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