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BUSI 240 Organizational Behavior Quiz 8 (Version 1) Liberty University. Complete solutions.

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BUSI 240 Organizational Behavior Quiz 8 (Version 1) Liberty University. Complete solutions. • Question 1 ________ are planned activities conducted specifically for the benefit of an audience... . • Question 2 Scenario B BarkBark Inc. and Happy Toys Ltd. are considering a merger and are unsure whether their two organizations will have a difficult time with clashing cultures. They perform a detailed diagnosis, collecting and analyzing the gathered data about the two merging companies. They identify several overlapping values, which they feel that they can effectively meld into a cohesive new culture. What type of cultural merge would be best for BarkBark? • Question 3 During which of the following stages of socialization do people first learn about the organization and job? • Question 4 Which one of the following is true about strong cultures? • Question 5 If artifacts of organizational culture are the physical structure, language, rituals, and stories, then what are shared values and assumptions? • Question 6 In the context of organizational socialization, the adjustment process is better for • Question 7 Which of the following is true about socialization agents? • Question 8 Ceremonies are • Question 9 ________ occurs when employees at the acquired company willingly embrace the cultural values of the acquiring organization. • Question 10 A deculturation strategy of merging two corporate cultures should be applied when • Question 11 Which of the following is true about using the strategy of integration for merging different corporate cultures? • Question 12 Which of the following tends to happen when an organization's culture is misaligned with its external environment? • Question 13 The ________ principle states that organizations are open books, so we have choices in how they may be perceived, framed, and described. • Question 14 The unfreezing process requires that participants disconfirm their existing beliefs, sometimes including their own competence at certain tasks or interpersonal relations, thus creating an ethical dilemma of • Question 15 In organizational change, future search conferences are used mainly to • Question 16 Which of the following is true about organizational change? • Question 17 Scenario C BusCorp wants to introduce a new procedure to improve how customer requests are handled. This change will require employees to break old routines and adopt new role patterns. They decide to adopt two new programs. One asks the employees to learn how to work as teams as the company changes. The other involves forming task forces within the company to help determine new customer service practices. BusCorp's second half of their strategy is the formation of task forces to minimize resistance, or a(n) ________ strategy. • Question 18 Employees typically oppose organizational change because they lack • Question 19 Which of the following types of resistance to change is a strategy to "prove" that the decision is wrong? • Question 20 The positive principle, the constructionist principle, and the simultaneity principle are principles of • Question 21 One problem the learning strategy has in minimizing resistance to change is that it • Question 22 Which of the following change management strategies should be given a priority when employees need to break old routines and adopt new role patterns? • Question 23 Increasing the restraining forces and reducing or removing the driving forces would • Question 24 Scenario A XYZ Office Supplies is about to introduce a new customer service program that will affect all of its 355 sales and service employees. Job duties will be changed and the employee reward system will be altered to fit this new customer focus. Moreover, the company wants to improve the efficiency of work processes, thereby removing some of the comfortable (and often leisurely) routines that employees have followed over the years. Top management is concerned about what types of forces resisting change the company will potentially experience during this change process. XYZ attempts to assist the change process by putting employees in direct contact with customers. Here, the company is trying to • Question 25 By creating ________, employee involvement reduces the fear of the unknown and the not-invented-here syndrome. [Show More]

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