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LETRS Affricate and Letrs Unit 1 Session 1- Check for Understanding. 100% CORRECT

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LETRS Affricate & Letrs Unit 1 Session 1 Check for Understanding affricate - Correct Answers/ch/ and /j/ closed syllable - Correct Answerssyllable ends in one or more consonants and has a short... vowel sound digraph - Correct Answersa two-letter combination that represents one speech sound. decoding - Correct Answersused to decipher a new word by sounding it out. encoding - Correct Answersproduce written symbols for spoken language glide - Correct Answersgoes immediately into a vowel /h/ /w/ and /y/ fricative - Correct Answers/f/, /v/, /s/, /z/, /sh/, /zh/, and /th/ morpheme - Correct Answerssmallest meaningful unit of a language, can be a word or part of a word onset-rime - Correct Answersthe natural division of a syllable into 2 parts; onset coming before the vowel and rime including the vowel and what follows it. ex. pl-an, shr-ill diphthong - Correct Answersa vowel that feels as if it has two parts; oi & ou Letrs Unit 1 Session 1 Check for Understanding 1. According to the 2015 National Assessment of Educational Progress, what percentage of fourth-grade students have scored "basic" or"below basic" in reading? - Correct Answer64% nationally, with African-American and Hispanic students making up a disproportionate amount Reading comprehension is not a single construct. Rather, the ability to understand what you read relies on multiple components. Once readers become more skilled in word recognition, which of the following components increase in their importance? - Correct Answerbackground knowledge and vocabulary Which statement most accurately describes how the human brain has evolved to process spoken and written language? - Correct AnswerOur brains have evolved to process spoken language much more easily than alphabetic writing. What characteristic makes English a "deep" alphabetic orthography? - Correct AnswerIts spelling system represents meaningful parts (morphemes) According to the Simple View of Reading model, which is more important to reading comprehension- word recognition or language comprehension? - Correct AnswerBoth are equally important. [Show More]

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