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Test Bank for Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, 8th Edition Wanda Mohr

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1. A nurse is giving a presentation about preventing mental illness to college freshmen. A student asks, “What does it mean to be mentally healthy?” Which of the following potential responses by... the nurse is best? A) “Mental health is difficult to define and depends on cultural norms.” B) “Mental health is marked by productivity, fulfilling relationships, and adaptability.” C) “Mental health is characterized by the absence of mental illness.” D) “Mental health is the performance of behavior that is accepted as normal.” 2. A 48-year-old independent, successful woman is recovering from a modified radical mastectomy. She states she was grateful that during the first few weeks after surgery her mother stayed with her and did “everything” for her. Which element of mental health does this reflect? A) Reality orientation B) Mastery of the environment C) Self-governance D) Tolerance of the unknown 1. Why is the document Mental Health: A Report of the Surgeon General (1999) most significant? A) Because it states clearly that there are effective treatments for mental illness B) Because it allocates research money to psychiatric facilities C) Because it sets new guidelines for use of restraints D) Because it establishes reimbursement guidelines for third-party payers [Show More]

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