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Adult Development and Aging 2nd Canadian Edition By Whitbourne, Whitbourne, Konnert (Test Bank)

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Adult Development and Aging, Second Canadian Edition helps student readers understand the aging process both in themselves and in those around them. Approaching the subject from the biopsychosocial pe... rspective ― an innovative model of adult development that takes into account the influences and interactions of complex biological, psychological, and social processes, the authors explore the latest concepts and applications in this exciting academic discipline. Based on Susan Whitbourne's classroom experience teaching her Psychology of Aging course, this engaging textbook integrates current research, real-world data, detailed explanations, and relatable examples to provide a balanced and accessible examination of the subject. This important work is an invaluable source of topically relevant information for traditional college-age learners and mature returning students alike, as well as for instructors and academic researchers in areas of adult aging and lifespan development. [Show More]

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