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Test Bank for Clinical Manifestations and Assessment of Respiratory Disease 8th Edition by Des Jardins: A+ Score Solution; Updated

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1. The respiratory care practitioner is conducting a patient interview. The main purpose of this interview is to: a. review data with the patient. b. gather subjective data from the patient. c. ga... ther objective data from the patient. d. fill out the history form or checklist. ANS: B The interview is a meeting between the respiratory care practitioner and the patient. It allows the collection of subjective data about the patient’s feelings regarding his/her condition. The history should be done before the interview. Although data can be reviewed, that is not the primary purpose of the interview. 2. For there to be a successful interview, the respiratory therapist must: a. provide leading questions to guide the patient. b. reassure the patient. c. be an active listener. d. use medical terminology to show knowledge of the subject matter. ANS: C NU RS IN GT B.CO M The personal qualities that a respiratory therapist must have to conduct a successful interview include being an active listener, having a genuine concern for the patient, and having empathy. Leading questions must be avoided. Reassurance may provide a false sense of comfort to the patient. Medical jargon can sound exclusionary and paternalistic to a patient. 3. Which of the following would be found on a history form? 1. Age 2. Chief complaint 3. Present health 4. Family history 5. Health insurance provider a. 1, 4 b. 2, 3 c. 3, 4, 5 d. 1, 2, 3, 4 ANS: D Age, chief complaint, present health, and family history are typically found on a health history form because each can impact the patient’s health. Health insurance provider information, while needed for billing purposes, would not be found on the history form. Clinical Manifestations and Assessment of Respiratory Disease 8th Edition 4. External factors the respiratory care practitioner should make efforts to provide during an interview include which of the following? 1. Minimize or prevent interruptions. 2. Ensure privacy during discussions. 3. Interviewer is the same sex as the patient to prevent bias. 4. Be comfortable for the patient and interviewer. a. 1, 4 b. 2, 3 c. 1, 2, 4 d. 2, 3, 4 ANS: C External factors, such as a good physical setting, enhance the interviewing process. Regardless of the interview setting (the patient’s bedside, a crowded emergency room, an office in the hospital or clinic, or the patient’s home), efforts should be made to (1) ensure privacy, (2) prevent interruptions, and (3) secure a comfortable physical environment (e.g., comfortable room temperature, sufficient lighting, absence of noise). An interviewer of either gender, who acts professionally, should be able to interview a patient of either gender. 5. The respiratory therapist is conducting a patient interview. The therapist chooses to use open-ended questions. Open-ended questions allow the therapist to do which of the following? 1. Gather information when a patient introduces a new topic. 2. Introduce a new subject area. 3. Begin the interview process. 4. Gather specific information [Show More]

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