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2022 AHIP Medicare Module 4

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Question text A Medicare beneficiary has walked into your office and requested that you sit down with her and discuss her options under the Medicare Advantage program. Before engaging in such a d... iscussion, what should you do? Ans- You must have her sign a scope of appointment form, indicating which products she wishes to discuss. You may then proceed with the discussion. You are working several plans and community organizations to sponsor an educational event. When putting together advertisements for this event, what should you do? Ans- Accurate advertising is not the only requirement for putting together an educational event. Plan sponsors may undertake the following marketing activities with current Medicare Advantage plan members? Ans- Plan sponsors cannot market lists of current members without compliant permission. HIPAA Privacy Rules are applicable, not Dodd-Frank legislation. Next week you will be participating in your first "educational event" for prospective enrollees. To be sure that you do not violate any of the applicable guidelines, in what activities should you plan to engage? Ans- You should plan to ensure that the educational event is an informative event and must not conduct a sales presentation or distribute or accept enrollment forms at the event. Another agent working for your agency claims that because you are not employed by the Medicare Advantage plans that you represent, you are not subject to the same marketing requirements as the plans themselves. How should you respond to such a statement? Ans- Your coworker is not correct. Marketing on behalf of a plan is considered marketing by the plan and requires that all contracted and employed agents comply with all Medicare marketing rules. One of your colleagues argues that it is better to focus your time and energy exclusively in neighborhoods with single-family homes. He further argues that their older owners are more likely to have higher incomes and purchase the Medicare Advantage products you represent compared to those living in apartment complexes. How should you respond? Ans- Marketing representatives must not engage in any activity that would be considered discriminatory such as attempting to recruit Medicare beneficiaries from higher-income areas without making comparable efforts to recruit Medicare beneficiaries from lower-income areas. You have been providing a pre-Thanksgiving meal during sales presentations in November for many years and your clients look forward to attending this annual event. When marketing Medicare Advantage and Part D plans, what are you permitted to do with respect to meals? AnsYou may provide light snacks, but a Thanksgiving style meal would be prohibited, regardless of who provides or pays for the meal. Mrs. Lu is turning 65 in November and called to ask for your help deciding on a Medicare Advantage plan. She agreed to sign a scope of appointment form and meet with you on October 15. During the appointment, what are you permitted to do? Ans- Because Mrs. Lu only requested help regarding Medicare Advantage plan selection, that is her scope of appointment. Therefore, your offer to discuss Medigap and/or Part D would go beyond the scope of appointment. Your friend's mother just moved to an assisted living facility and he asked if you could present a program for the residents about the MA-PD plans you market. What could you tell him? AnsMarketing representatives may schedule an appointment with a beneficiary in a long-term care facility only upon their request. You have approached a hospital administrator about marketing in her facility. The administrator is uncomfortable with the suggestion. How could you address her concerns? Ans- Tell her that Medicare guidelines allow you to conduct marketing activities in common areas of a provider's facility. Miguel Sanchez is a relatively new agent who has come to you for advice as to what he can do during the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period (MA-OEP). What advice should you give Miguel? Ans- During the MA-OEP, Miguel can have one-on-one meetings with beneficiaries who have requested such meetings. You will be holding a sales event soon, at which you would like to offer door prizes to attendees. Under guidelines from the Medicare agency, what types of gifts or [Show More]

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