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ServSafe Exam 2022/2023 All Answers Correct

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A service sink should be used for Ans- cleaning mops and throwing out waste water. A food handler is slicing roast beef continuously on a slicer for 6 hours. After 4 hours, the roast beef is remove... d and set aside while the slicer parts are washed, rinsed, and sanitized. The meat is then put back on the slicer to continue slicing. What is the MOST SERIOUS risk of this procedure? Ans- Time-temperature abuse of the roast beef When prepping foods, the only piece of jewelry that may be worn is a Ans- plain metal band. Sinks must be used for the correct intended purpose to prevent Ans- cross-contamination. The curved, sealed edge placed between the floor and the wall that makes this area easier to clean is known as Ans- coving. When heat sanitizing in a three-compartment sink, the MINIMUM acceptable hot water temperature is Ans- 171°F (77°C). The purpose of a sanitizer test kit is to check the Ans- concentration of a chemical solution. The Person i n Charge (PIC) has been notified by the regulatory authority that the operation will be investigated as the possible source of a current hepatitis A outbreak. What should the PIC do immediately? Ans- Cooperate with the investigating regulatory authority The Person in Charge (PIC) of a food establishment may choose to accompany the health inspector during an inspection in order to Ans- learn from the inspector's comments and suggestions. Which is the correct procedure for delivering prepared hot food off-site? Ans- Maintain hot food temperatures above 135°F (57°C). A quaternary ammonium sanitizer is tested and measures 750 ppm. This poses a risk of which type of contamination? Ans- Chemical Traces of pesticide are found on raw poultry breasts. Which type of contamination is this? AnsChemical Who is required to wear a hair restrain while working? Ans- Dishwashers After observing a food handler removing plastic bags of garbage and temporarily placing them on the prep table, the Person in Charge (PIC) should Ans- stop the food handler immediately and review the correct procedures for garbage handling. Which potential biological food safety hazard does smoking in food storage and prep areas cause? Ans- Saliva can get on food handlers' hands. Food handlers with facial hair must Ans- wear a beard restraint. Highly susceptible populations include Ans- young children and people with compromised immune systems. An operation that wants to serve clams that are displayed live in a tank until preparation MUST Ans- obtain a variance from the regulatory authority Which information is required on a Safety Data Sheet (SDS)? Ans- Photos of the chemical What is the BEST way to handle recalled food items? Ans- Remove them from inventory and relocate them to a separate area. When implementing a program that prevents pests from becoming a problem at an operation, it is BEST to Ans- work with a pest control operator. If a food handler is experiencing vomiting and diarrhea, he or she should be Ans- excluded from work. The PRIMARY goal of Active Managerial Control is to reduce the risk of Ans- foodborne illness. What food safety rule MUST be consistently followed when handling ready-to-eat food? Answear single-use gloves Food prep equipment and utensils MUST be designed and constructed to be Ans- permanent. Food prep equipment and utensils MUST be designed and constructed to be Ans- avoid timetemperature abuse. An acceptable way to cool a large turkey is to place it in a Ans- blast chiller. When cooling food, an acceptable alternative to the two-stage cooling method is to use a Ansfan blowing on food. When should hand antiseptics be used in an operation? A [Show More]

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