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AAPC CPC Practice Questions and Answers with Complete Solutions A 46-year-old female had a previous biopsy that indicated positive malignant margins anteriorly on the right side of her neck. A 0.5 ... cm margin was drawn out and a 15 blade scalpel was used for full excision of an 8 cm lesion. Layered closure was performed after the removal. The specimen was sent for permanent histopathologic examination. What are the CPT® code(s) for this procedure? A. 11626 B. 11626, 12004-51 C. 11626, 12044-51 D. 11626, 13132-51, 13133 ✔✔C. 11626, 12044-51 A 30-year-old female is having 15 sq cm debridement performed on an infected ulcer with eschar on the right foot. Using sharp dissection, the ulcer was debrided all the way to down to the bone of the foot. The bone had to be minimally trimmed because of a sharp point at the end of the metatarsal. After debriding the area, there was minimal bleeding because of very poor circulation of the foot. It seems that the toes next to the ulcer may have some involvement and cultures were taken. The area was dressed with sterile saline and dressings and then wrapped. What CPT® code should be reported? A. 11043 B. 11012 C. 11044 D. 11042 ✔✔C. 11044 A 64-year-old female who has multiple sclerosis fell from her walker and landed on a glass table. She lacerated her forehead, cheek and chin and the total length of these lacerations was 6 cm. Her right arm and left leg had deep cuts measuring 5 cm on each extremity. Her right hand and right foot had a total of 3 cm lacerations. The ED physician repaired the lacerations as follows: The forehead, cheek, and chin had debridement and cleaning of glass debris with the lacerations being closed with one layer closure, 6-0 Prolene sutures. The arm and leg were repaired by layered closure, 6-0 Vicryl subcutaneous sutures and Prolene sutures on the skin. The hand and foot were closed with adhesive strips. Select the appropriate procedure codes for this visit. A. 99283-25, 12014, 12034-59, 12002-59, 11042-51 B. 99283-25, 12053, 12034-59, 12002-59 C. 99283-25, 12014, 12034-59, 11042-51 D. 99283-25, 12053, 12034-59 ✔✔D. 99283-25, 12053, 12034-59 A 52-year-old female has a mass growing on her right flank for several years. It has finally gotten significantly larger and is beginning to bother her. She is brought to the Operating Room for definitive excision. An incision was made directly overlying the mass. The mass was down into the subcutaneous tissue and the surgeon encountered a well encapsulated lipoma approximately 4 centimeters. This was excised primarily bluntly with a few attachments divided with electrocautery. What CPT® and ICD-10-CM codes are reported? A. 21932, D17.39 B. 21935, D17.1 C. 21931, D17.1 D. 21925, D17.9 ✔✔C. 21931, D17.1 Question 5 PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Right scaphoid fracture. TYPE OF PROCEDURE: Open reduction and internal fixation of right scaphoid fracture. DESCRIPTION OF PROCEDURE: The patient was brought to the operating room; anesthesia having been administered. The right upper extremity was prepped and draped in a sterile manner. The limb was elevated, exsanguinated, and a pneumatic arm tourniquet was elevated. An incision was made over the dorsal radial aspect of the right wrist. Skin flaps were elevated. Cutaneous nerve branches were identified and very gently retracted. The interval between the second and third dorsal compartment tendons was identified and entered. The respective tendons were retracted. A dorsal capsulotomy incision was made, and the fracture was visualized. There did not appear to be any type of significant defect at the fracture site. A 0.045 Kirschner wire was then used as a guidewire, extending from the proximal pole of the scaphoid distal ward. The guidewire was [Show More]

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