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NR 511 Week 5 Questions And Answers( Complete Solution) TOP SCORE

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A 42-year-old professional golfer complains of chronic back pain for many years. His workup reveals that it is not the result of a degenerative disc problem. His back “goes out” about twice per ye... ar, and he is out of work for about a week each time. Which of the following should the clinician advise? Consider changing careers to something less physical. Start on a daily low-dose narcotic to take away the pain. Make an appointment with a neurosurgeon for a surgical consultation. Begin a planned exercise program to strengthen back muscles. In this case, the patient may benefit from a regular planned exercise program to strengthen his back muscles and attempt to reduce the probability of future episodes of back pain. A 49-year-old female presents with low back pain radiating into the right leg,. An x-ray of the lumbosacral spine is within normal limits. Which of the following diagnoses do you explore further? [Show More]

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