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NRSG MISC Maternity Exam 2 Questions And Answers/ 2021.

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NRSG MISC Maternity Exam 2 Questions And Answers The nurse is caring for a pregnant woman who admits to using cocaine and ecstasy on a regular basis. The client states, "Everybody knows that alcoho l ... is bad during pregnancy, but what's the big deal about ecstasy?" What is the nurse's best response? 1. "Ecstasy can cause a high fever in you and therefore cause the baby harm." 2. "Ecstasy leads to deficiencies of thiamine and folic acid, which help the baby develop." 3. "Ecstasy produces babies with small heads and short bodies with brain function alterations." 4. "Ecstasy producesintrauterine growth restriction andmeconium aspiration." The nurse is doing preconception counseling with a 28-year-old woman with no prior pregnancies. Which statement made by the client indicates to the nurse that the client has understood the teaching? [Show More]

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