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LETRS Unit 1 and 2 Assessment With complete Questions and Answers | Latest 2023 Informed teachers are _____ assurance against reading failure. - syllableCorrect Answer our best phonics - Correct A... nswer the study of the relationships between letters and the sounds they represent phonemic awareness - Correct Answer conscious awareness of the individual speech sounds (constants and vowels) in spoken syllables and the ability to consciously manipulate those sounds. syllable - Correct Answer Unit of pronunciation that is organized around a vowel; it may or may not have consonants before or after the vowel. orthography - Correct Answer writing system for representing language morphophonemic - Correct Answer deep alphabetic writing system organized by both sound-symbol correspondences and morphology (English orthography) morpheme - Correct Answer in language, the smallest unit that carries meaning metalinguistic awareness - Correct Answer ability to think about and reflect on the structure of the language itself simple view of reading - Correct Answer word recognition (decoding) x language comprehension (comprehending) = reading comprehension decoding - Correct Answer ability to translate a word from print to speech (sound-symbol correspondences) discourse - Correct Answer written or spoken communication ("the exchange") of information and ideas (between writer & reader) [Show More]

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