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BUSI 303 Quiz 1 With Answers Liberty University GradeAplus

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Question 1 The prime characteristics and outcomes of globalization include? Question 2 Which of the following is NOT a driving force of Globalization? Question 3 People believe th... at nature, or their environment, controls them; they must work with their environment to achieve goals. At work or in relationships, they focus their actions on others, and Question 4 All the following occurred during the Information Age except? Question 5 He concluded that what distinguishes people from one culture compared with another is where these preferences fall in one of the seven dimensions. Question 6 Business Ethics is the study of ethical dilemmas, values, and decision making in the world of business. Business ethics should not be considered a separate disciple from ethics. Question 7 The industrial revolution heralded the introduction of which of the following? Question 8 Open up to people to build trust and rapport; use emotion to communicate your objectives; learn to manage conflict effectively, before it becomes personal; use positive body language; have a positive attitude. Question 9 International trade is important to the United States in order to? Question 10 International exchange is a recent concept? Question 11 The global business manager is the key coordinator of activities between disconnected operating locations. In addition, the global business manager must be able to juggle the issues that affect each country individually, but always maintain the priority of the manager's home country when addressing these issues. Question 12 What is less effective for products with brand recognition or differentiation? Question 13 A global business must consider the differences of scope, economic health, cultural influences, and management skills from a domestic business? Question 14 In a ____________culture, people keep work and personal lives separate. As a result, they believe that relationships do not have much of an impact on work objectives; and although good relationships are important, they believe that people can work together without having a good relationship. Question 15 Social position a person takes on voluntarily that reflects both personal ability and merit. An individual’s occupation tends to fall under this category. Question 16 In many modern economies, businesses focus on greater economic responsibility that lead to more investments in benevolent or humanitarian efforts? Question 17 Pax Americana, Latin for “American peace,” is the period of relative peace in the Western world since the end of World War I in 1918, coinciding with the dominant military and economic position of the U.S.?   Question 18 Communication between two cultures can be awkward if professionals do not conduct proper research. Question 19 Religion that includes the three branches Orthodox, Conservatives, and Reform   Question 20 The global business manager must possess a strong domestic awareness and must understand the unique factors that contribute to the success of a global business, including formal education. Question 21 Match each term with the corresponding definition. Question Selected Match [Show More]

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