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SAPPC Certification Study Guide Questions and Answers Already Passed Sharing and reporting information is essential to detecting potential insider threats. True or False? ✔✔True Two security p... rofessionals - Paul and Ashley - are discussing security program areas. Paul says that Information Security practitioners train and/or advise Original Classification Authorities in the application of the process for making classification determinations. Ashley says that Physical Security practitioners work with a facility's Antiterrorism Officer to deploy defensive measures designed to reduce the facility's vulnerability from terrorist attacks. ✔✔Paul and Ashley are both correct Two security professionals - Paul and Ashley - are discussing security program areas. Paul says that Information Security practitioners work with a facility's Antiterrorism Officer to deploy defensive measures designed to reduce the facility's vulnerability from terrorist attacks. Ashley says that Personnel Security practitioners train and/or advise Original Classification Authorities in the application of the process for making classification determinations. ✔✔Paul and Ashley are both incorrect SPeD is an abbreviation for? ✔✔Security Professional Education Development SPed is a certification program of what agency? ✔✔Department of Defense Security Fundamentals Professional Certification (SFPC) definition? ✔✔The individual understands foundational security concepts, principles, and practices. (Core Certification for SPed). Security Asset Protection Professional Certification (SAPPC) definition? ✔✔The Individual applies foundational security concepts, principles, and practices. (Core Certification for SPed). Security Program Integration Professional Certification (SPIPC) definition? ✔✔The individual understands and applies risk assessment and security program management based on security concepts, principles, and practices. (Core Certification for SPed). Security Enterprise Professional Certification (SEPC) definition? ✔✔The individual understands and applies concepts, principles, and practices for managing enterprise-wide security. What are the three principle incident/events required to be reported to DoD Counterintelligence (CI) organizations? ✔✔Espionage, Sabotage, Terrorism & Cyber Policy PMO is an abbreviation for? ✔✔Program Management Office Provides the legal requirements to use lawful means to ensure U. S. receives the best intelligence available? ✔✔E.O. 12333 The manual that includes CI-related requirements for Industry? ✔✔DoD 5220.22-M (NISPOM) Regulation mandating CI-specific training, briefing, and reporting? ✔✔DoDI5240.6: CI Awareness, Briefing, and Reporting Programs Regulation providing procedures to follow when classified information is compromised? ✔✔DoD 5200.1-R: information Security Program What are three principle incidents/events required to report to DoD counterintelligence (CI) organizations? ✔✔Espionage, Sabotage, Terrorism & Cyber Policy List three different types of threats to classified information? ✔✔Insider Threat, Foreign Intelligence Entities (FIE), Cybersecurity Threat List three indicators of insider threats? ✔✔Failure to report overseas travel or contact with foreign nationals. Seeking to gain higher clearance or expand access outside the job scope. Engaging in classified conversations without a need to know. Working hours inconsistent with job assignment or insistence on working in private. Exploitable behavior traits. Repeated security violations. Attempting to enter areas not granted access to. List three elements that should be considered in identifying Critical Program Information? ✔✔- Cause significant degradation in mission effectiveness - Shorten the expected combat-effective life of the system - Reduce technological advantage - Significantly alter program direction - Enable an adversary to defeat, counter, copy, or reverse-engineer the technology or capability. Briefly describe the concept of insider threat? ✔✔An employee who may represent a threat to national security. These threats encompass potential espionage, violent acts against the Government or the nation, and unauthorized disclosure of classified information, including the vast amounts of classified data available on interconnected United States Government computer networks and systems. List three elements that a security professional should consider when assessing and managing risks to DoD assets? ✔✔Asset Threat Vulnerability Risk Countermeasures Describe the purpose of the Foreign Visitor Program? ✔✔To track and approve access by a foreign entity to information that is classified; and to approve access by a foreign entity to information that is unclassified, related to a U.S. Government contract, or plant visits covered by ITAR. Briefly define a Special Access Program (SAP)? ✔✔A program established for a specific class of classified information that imposes safeguarding and access requirements that exceed those normally required for information at the same classification level. List three enhanced security requirements for protecting Special Access Program (SAP) Information within Personnel Security? ✔✔Access Rosters Billet Structures (if required) Indoctrination Agreement Clearance based on an appropriate investigation completed within the last 5 years Individual must materially contribute to the program in addition to having the need to know All individuals with access to SAP are subject to a random counterintelligence-scope polygraph Identify the four Cognizant Security Agencies (CSA)? ✔✔Department of Defense (DoD) Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Department of Energy (DoE) Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). Describe the CSA's role in the National Industrial Security Program (NISP)? ✔✔To establish an industrial security program to safeguard classified information under its jurisdiction. List three factors for determining whether U.S. companies are under Foreign Ownership, Control, or Influence (FOCI)? ✔✔Record of economic and government espionage against the U.S. targets Record of enforcement/engagement in unauthorized technology transfer Type and sensitivity of the information that shall be accessed The source, nature and extent of FOCI Record of compliance with pertinent U.S. laws, regulations and contracts Define the purpose and function of the Militarily Critical Technologies List (MCTL)? ✔✔Serves as a technical reference for the development and implementation of DoD technology, security policies on international transfers of defense-related goods, services, and technologies as administered by the Director, Defense Technology Security Administration (DTSA). Formulation of export control proposals and export license review. List three primary authorities governing foreign disclosure of classified military information? ✔✔Arms Export Control Act National Security Decision Memorandum 119 National Disclosure Policy-1 International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) E.O.s 12829, 13526 Bilateral Security Agreements DoD 5220.22-M, "NISPOM," Briefly describe the purpose of the DD Form 254? ✔✔Convey security requirements and classification guidance, and provide handling procedures for classified material received and/or generated on a classified contract. List the three main policies that govern the DoD Information Security Program? ✔✔E.O. 13526 Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO) 32 CFR Parts 2001 & 2003 Classified National Security Information; Final Rule" DoD Manual 5200.01, Volumes 1-4 What must an "authorized person" have before being granted access to classified information? ✔✔Favorable determination of eligibility for access Need to know the information Signed SF 312 Nondisclosure Agreement List three classification duration options for originally classified information? ✔✔less than 10 years at 10 years up to 25 years 50X1-HUM (with no date or event) 50X2-WMD (with no date or event 25X (with a date or event) List three authorized sources of security classification guidance that could be used in the derivative classification process? ✔✔Security Classification Guide Properly Marked Source Document Contract Security Classification Specification (DD Form 254) Define derivative classification? ✔✔Incorporating, paraphrasing, restating, or generating in new form information that is already classified and marking the newly developed material consistent with the markings that apply to the source information. Define the difference between a security infraction and a security violation? ✔✔An infraction cannot reasonably be expected to and does not result in the loss, compromise, or suspected compromise of classified information; whereas a violation does result in or could be expected to result in the loss or compromise of classified information. Define unauthorized disclosure? ✔✔Communication or physical transfer of classified or controlled unclassified information to an unauthorized recipient. List three types of initial personnel security investigations and to whom they apply? ✔✔ANACI: Civilian NACI: Civilian and Contractor NACLC: Military and Contractor SSBI: Military, Civilian, Contractor Describe the purpose of due process in Personnel Security Program (PSP)? ✔✔Ensures fairness by providing the subject the opportunity to appeal an unfavorable adjudicative determination. List the key procedures for initiating Personnel Security Investigations(PSIs)? ✔✔Validate the need for an investigation Initiate e-QIP Review Personnel Security Questionnaire (PSQ) for completeness Submit electronically to OPM List three DoD position sensitivity types and their investigative requirements? ✔✔Critical Sensitive: SSBI, SSBI-PR, PPR Non-Critical Sensitive: ANACI, NACLC Nonsensitive: NACI Describe the difference between revocation and denial in Personnel Security Program? ✔✔Revocation: A current security eligibility determination is rescinded. Denial: An initial request for security eligibility is not granted. Describe the purpose of a Statement of Reason (SOR)? ✔✔The purpose of the SOR is to provide a comprehensive and detailed written explanation of why a preliminary unfavorable adjudicative determination was made. List five adjudicative guidelines? ✔✔1. Allegiance to the United States 2. Foreign Influence 3. Foreign Preference 4. Sexual Behavior 5. Personal Conduct 6. Financial Considerations 7. Alcohol Consumption 8. Drug Involvement 9. Psychological Conditions 10. Criminal Conduct 11. Handling Protected Information 12. Outside Activities 13. Use of Information Technology List three different types of approved classified material storage areas? ✔✔GSA-approved storage containers Vaults (including modular vaults) Open storage area (secure rooms, to include SCIFs and bulk storage areas) List three construction requirements for vault doors? ✔✔Constructed of metal Hung on non-removable hinge pins or with interlocking leaves. Equipped with a GSA-approved combination lock. Emergency egress hardware (deadbolt or metal bar extending across width of door). What is the purpose of intrusion detection systems? ✔✔Detect unauthorized penetration into a secured area. What is the purpose of perimeter barriers? ✔✔Defines the physical limits of an installation, activity, or area, restrict, channel, impede access, or shield activities within the installation from immediate and direct observation. What is the purpose of an Antiterrorism Program? ✔✔Protect DoD personnel, their families, installations, facilities, information, and other material resources from terrorist acts. List three Force Protection Condition levels? ✔✔Normal, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta Describe the concept of security-in-depth? ✔✔Layered and complementary security controls sufficient to deter, detect, and document unauthorized entry and movement within an installation or facility. In which security program area would you find practitioners who train and/or advise Original Classification Authorities in the application of the process for making classification determinations? ✔✔Information Security In which security program area would you find practitioners working with a facility's Antiterrorism Officer to deploy defensive measures designed to reduce the facility's vulnerability from terrorist attacks? ✔✔Physical Security In which security program area would you find practitioners involved with processes that monitor employees for new information that could affect their security clearance eligibility status? ✔✔Personnel Security CI Foreign Travel Briefing? ✔✔Purpose to increase awareness and personal safety, targeting by foreign intelligence, current travel warnings, & where to seek help if needed. CI Elicitation is a form of social engineering? ✔✔Collecting info from people though conversation. Potential Espionage Indicator Categories? ✔✔Foreign Contracts and Associations Foreign Travel Foreign Preference Anti-American Statements, Activities, and Associations Falsification/Failure to Report Substantive Information Sexual Behavior That Increases Vulnerability to Exploitation Suspicious Financial Transactions or Undue Affluence Illicit Information Collection or Transmittal Other Counterintelligence Issues Who could become an insider threat? ✔✔Any person with authorized access to any US government resources. Executive Order 13587? ✔✔Government agencies to establish their own insider threat programs. Insider threat programs are intended to? ✔✔Deter, Detect, and Mitigate the risk. List an enhanced security requirement for protecting Special Access Program (SAP) Information within Industrial Security? ✔✔The SecDef or DepSecDef can approve a carve-out provision to relieve Defense Security Service of industrial security oversight responsibilities. List an enhanced security requirement for protecting Special Access Program (SAP) Information within Physical Security? ✔✔Access Control Maintain a SAP Facility Access Roster All SAPs must have an unclassified nickname/Codeword (optional). List an enhanced security requirement for protecting Special Access Program (SAP) Information within Information Security? ✔✔The use of HVSACO Transmission requirements (order of precedence) List five responsibilities of the Government SAP Security Officer/Contractor Program Security Officer (GSSO/CPSO)? ✔✔• Possess a personnel clearance and Program access at least equal to the highest level of • Program classified information involved. • Provide security administration and management for his/her organization. • Ensure personnel processed for access to a SAP meet the prerequisite personnel clearance and/or investigative requirements specified. • Ensure adequate secure storage and work spaces. • Ensure strict adherence to the provisions of the NISPOM, its supplement, and the Overprint. • When required, establish and oversee a classified material control program for each SAP. • When required, conduct an annual inventory of accountable classified material. • When required, establish a SAPF. • Establish and oversee a visitor control program. • Monitor reproduction and/or duplication and destruction capability of SAP information • Ensure adherence to special communications capabilities within the SAPF. • Provide for initial Program indoctrination of employees after their access is approved; rebrief and debrief personnel as required. • Establish and oversee specialized procedures for the transmission of SAP material to and from Program elements. • When required, ensure contractual specific security requirements such as TEMPEST Automated Information System (AIS), and Operations Security (OPSEC) are accomplished. • Establish security training and briefings specifically tailored to the unique requirements of the SAP. What is the definition of Critical Program Information in DoD? ✔✔Elements or components of a Research, Development, and Acquisition (RDA) program that, if compromised, could cause significant degradation in mission effectiveness; shorten the expected combat-effective life of the system; reduce technological advantage; significantly alter program direction; or enable an adversary to defeat, counter, copy, or reverse engineer the technology or capability. Includes information about applications, capabilities, processes and end-items. Includes elements or components critical to a military system or network mission effectiveness. Includes technology that would reduce the U.S. technological advantage if it came under foreign control. How does lack of attention to the concept of compilation introduce risks to DoD assets? (It can cause) ✔✔• Unauthorized disclosure • Misclassification • Security violation • Improper safeguarding • Improper dissemination • Improper handling • Improper destruction List three transmission and transportation requirements that help manage risks to DoD assets? ✔✔• Safeguarding • Briefings • Documentation • Personal control • Utilizing proper methods of transmission/transportation based on classification level • Intended recipient(s) have proper clearance/eligibility and need to know (or access) • Capability to properly store classified information List three types of security briefings that help manage risks to DoD assets? ✔✔• Initial Orientation • Annual Refresher • Threat Awareness • Foreign Travel • Special Training Requirements • Derivative Classification • Original Classification Authority (OCA) • Declassification Authority • Debriefings • Termination briefing List three disposal and destruction methods used to effectively manage risks to DoD classified information? ✔✔• Cross-cut shredding • Burning/ Incinerating • Pulverizing • Disintegrating • Mutilating • Degaussing • Chemical decomposition • Special burn • Wet pulping • Overwriting • Sanding • Physical destruction List three types of safeguarding procedures for classified information? ✔✔• Proper storage • Proper handling • Approved disposition • Proper transmission/transportation methods • Receipt use, when required • Forced entry protection • Dissemination • Physical security measures • Technical, administrative, and personnel control measures (deleted access control as these measures constitute access control) • Develop emergency plan Describe the security professional's role in handling a security incident? ✔✔• Secure • Safeguard • Report • Inquire (under unusual circumstances) • Investigate (under unusual circumstances) • Recommend Describe how the roles of the security professional and the information assurance (IA) professional differ in regard to protecting DoD classified information on information technology (IT) systems. ✔✔• The IA professional must ensure that all DoD information systems maintain appropriate levels of availability, integrity, authentication, confidentiality, and non-repudiation in order to protect and defend DoD information and networks. They must also ensure the systems are certified and accredited. • The security professional coordinates with the IA professional during the C&A process. The security professional must be aware of the nature, scope, and schedule of ongoing C&A activities within a given organization, in order to provide timely and relevant classification management direction and to ensure the physical environment is properly secured and accredited for the operations planned and that users are properly cleared and have all requisite access in time to support the mission. Explain how the adjudication process contributes to effective risk management of DoD assets? ✔✔Ensures that, based upon all available information, an individual's loyalty, reliability, and trustworthiness are such that entrusting assigned persons with eligibility to classified information or sensitive duties is in the best interest of national security. Explain how effective implementation of the continuous evaluation process contributes to management of risks to DoD assets? ✔✔Ensures that individuals with national security eligibility and access are continuously assessed through utilization of accessible databases and other lawfully available information; continue to meet adjudicative standards; and that any issues that may arise are promptly reported. List three factors that should be considered when determining position sensitivity? ✔✔• Level of Access to Classified Information • IT level needed • Duties associated with position List three individuals in the personnel security investigation (PSI) process and describe their roles? ✔✔• FSO/Security Manager/Human Resource Officer: Initiates, Reviews, Forwards investigation to investigation service provider (ISP) • Subject: Completes forms and provides additional information if required • Investigator: Conducts PSI • Adjudicator: Determines eligibility for National Security access Describe the function of e-QIP in the personnel security program (PSP)? ✔✔• Initiate investigations • Complete forms • Forward forms to ISP List three factors that a security professional should consider before requesting a Limited Access Authority (LAA)? ✔✔• Can a U.S. citizen perform the duties • Is classified access limited to Secret or Confidential • Does the person possess a rare or unusual skill or expertise List the five steps in the DoD risk management model? ✔✔Assess Assets Assess Threats Assess Vulnerabilities Assess Risks Determine Countermeasures Identify the three core components of the risk assessment process? ✔✔Asset Criticality Threat Assessment Vulnerability Assessment What is the difference between physical security surveys and physical security inspections? ✔✔A physical security survey is a formal, recorded assessment of an Installation's overall security program; whereas a physical security inspection is a formal, recorded compliance of physical procedures and measures implemented by a unit or activity to protect its assets. Who makes the determination of when physical security surveys and inspections are required? ✔✔DoD Component Commanders. Explain why access control measures are contingent on threat levels? ✔✔Based on threat levels, commanders or directors are responsible for enhancing access control measures to their installations and facilities. Explain how visitor identification control methods are used to effectively control access to facilities? ✔✔Ensure only authorized personnel and materials enter and exit from an installation or facility by identifying, verifying, and authenticating. Contractors visiting the facility do not require check-in at the front desk if they have a Common Access Card (CAC) because other control measures will be in place throughout the facility? True or False ✔✔False Hinge pins that are located on the exterior side of emergency exit doors in the SAPF must be spot welded or have set screws installed to prevent removal of the door? True or False ✔✔True Which of the following man-made barriers could be an appropriate measure to impede vehicle passage between the parking lot and the building? ✔✔Bollard or Berm Standard Form 702 is (SF-702)? ✔✔Security Container Check Sheet Standard Form 702 (SF-702) is used on which door? ✔✔GSA Approved Security Containers Vault doors SCIF Federal Specifications for Electromechanical Combination Locks? ✔✔FF-L-2740 Series What locks are covered under FF-L-2740 Series? ✔✔X07, X08, X09, X10, S&G 2740, S&G 2740B What locks are covered under FF-L-2890 (behind a vault door)? ✔✔CDX-07, CDX-08, CDX09, CDX-10, S&G 2890 PDL, LKM-7000 Arms, Ammunition, Explosives, Chemical and nuclear weapons can be stored with what types of locks? ✔✔Combination and Key Operated Locks [Show More]

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