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PSY 550 Final Exam Answers : latest 2022/2023 complete solution guide, Grand Canyon University.

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PSY 550 Final Exam Answers For each of the following examples, explain whether the researcher has made a correct decision or has made a Type 1 or Type 2 error. Explain why. 1. Dr. G rejects the nu... ll hypothesis although the independent variable had no effect. 2. Dr. R rejects the null hypothesis when it is false. 3. Although the independent variable had an effect, Dr. E does not reject the null hypothesis Explain the value of reversal designs (ABA designs) in single-case research. Explain how a one-way analysis of variance works. How do you use between- and within-group variability? After watching nursery-school children, Ken Garoo wants to test the hypothesis that some toys are more fun to play with than others. He decides to compare “fun” toys (blocks) with “unfun” toys (stuffed animals). He also wishes to see if there is a sex difference, as well, so sex is added as an independent variable. A) What kind of design is needed? B) Diagram it out. C) Assuming 20 subjects are needed per cell, how many subjects are needed for this study? A) The type of design needed in this study would be a 2x2 factorial design. This type of design is needed because we will be able to test the factors within one sample. Also in this design, we can test all possible combinations between one another. For example, fun toys with males and fun toys with females, or unfun toys with females and unfun toys with males. B) Fun toys Unfun toys Male 20 20 Female 20 20 C) Assuming there are 20 subjects needed per cell, there would need to be 80 subjects for this study. Bills logic is wrong because the scoring for the ACT and the scoring for the SAT are completely different and cannot be compared to one another. Here is breakdown in percentile ranks and z scores: Given the percentages and the z scores, Rhoda actually scored higher than Bill. Rhoda is closer to the average given her z score of 1 when compared to Bill's z score of -2. Rhoda's score is closer to zero, making it closer to the average score. These scores cannot be compared to one another because they have a different scoring system. Just because Bill's score was higher, does not mean that he scored higher than Rhoda. Describe a two-matched groups design. How is the matching done? Chuck Wagon is very excited about the within-subjects approach. “Now I’ll never need to run large numbers of subjects again,” he says. However, Chuck has forgotten that within-subjects designs may be a) useless, b) impossible, c) confounded by order effects, or d) impractical when excessive subject time spent in an experiment makes data inaccurate. Give an example of each of these four objections. A researcher has studied subjects’ ability to learn to translate words into Morse code. He has experimented with two treatment conditions: in one condition, the subjects are given massed practice; they spend 8 full hours on the task. In the other condition, subjects are given distributed practice; they also spend 8 hours, but their practice is spread over four days, practicing 2 hours at a time. After the practice, all subjects are given a test message to encode; the dependent variable is the number of errors made. The researcher has matched the subjects on intelligence. The results are in the following table. Decide which statistical test would be appropriate, carry out the test, and evaluate the outcome. Assume a significance level of .05 and that the direction of the outcome has not been predicted. Explain the pros and cons of: Define the term quasi-experiment and discuss the pros and cons of this research method. [Show More]

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by Mary · 3 years ago

It was the exact exam.

Thanks mate all the best...just incase you need of anything else i can precisely help by Expert#1. 3 years ago


by Expert#1 · 3 years ago

Thanks mate all the best...just incase you need of anything else i can precisely help


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