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CPCE practice exam Questions and answers, 100% Accurate, Approved! In the early 1920s, the counseling profession consisted primarily - ✔✔-b. vocational guidance counseling. Culture is unders... tood to be - ✔✔-the background of patterns, languages, psychological factors, and biological factors of a person. Erikson's psychosocial developmental theory is an example of - ✔✔-a discontinuous, active theory is considered the father of career guidance and the counseling profession. - ✔✔-Frank Parsons Which of the following models of resistance is behavioral? - ✔✔-noncompliance Institutional barriers to group work may include all the following EXCEPT - ✔✔-resistant group members William Wundt is known for - ✔✔-founding one of the first psychological laboratories to conduct experimental research 8. A construct, such as a treatment group, that can be manipulated in a study is most often referred to as a(n) variable. - ✔✔-independent Ethical principles that counselors are required to follow are called - ✔✔-Mandatory ethics The tripartite model of multicultural counseling competencies includes each of the following components EXCEPT - ✔✔-an etic perspective. For a researcher who has limited time and a low budget, the _____ research design might be most appropriate. - ✔✔-cross sectional The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 was NOT responsible for - ✔✔-enforcing workplace safety and health standards A professional counselor consults with an experienced colleague about some problems she has encountered while working with a particular client. She is completely reliant on her colleague's expertise to help her move forward with her client. Which consultation model does this represent? - ✔✔-Triadic-dependent In group work, confidentiality is - ✔✔-the ethical requirement of group leaders but not group members A(n) does not compare an individual score to a norm group but relies on the judgment of the professional counselor to interpret the data - ✔✔-non standardized test Whereas 1 million white swans can indicate that all swans are white, one brown swan can falsify it." That is, we can only approximate truth. This description refers to the paradigm. - ✔✔-post positivism Accreditation is NOT - ✔✔-involuntary Judging someone's worth by how closely he or she resembles European Americans is termed - ✔✔-colorism What part of the brain regulates emotions and motivation? - ✔✔-limbic system is an example of an occupation - ✔✔-Professional Counselor Observing clients' verbal and nonverbal communication and verbally conveying empathy and understanding of clients' thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are all important elements of - ✔✔-reflecting Group members' personal goals are generally - ✔✔-overt Under the a 3~year-old child who is suspected of having a disability is guaranteed to receive testing at the expense of the public school system. - ✔✔-Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (IDEA) Which of the following most represents a quasi-experimental design - ✔✔-Researchers compared students' scores under Curriculum A with a matched comparison group and found better achievement for Curriculum A. is NOT one of the five principal ethics of the counseling profession. - ✔✔-Constancy is (are) are based on biology, and includets) societal expectations of behavior. - ✔✔-Sex roles: gender roles Classical conditioning was developed by - ✔✔-Ivan Pavlov Individuals who demonstrate high career adaptability demonstrate a. concern for their future work life. b. confidence to pursue career goals. c. curiosity for exploring career possibilities. d. All of the above. - ✔✔-d. All of the above Freud contended that each individual possesses all of the following types of consciousness EXCEPt a. preconscious mind. b. conscious mind. c. unconscious mind. d. subconscious mind - ✔✔-d. A group is primarily remedial. a. psychotherapy b. counseling c. psychoeducational d. task - ✔✔-a If a professional counselor would like to read critical test reviews of the Beck Depression Inventory, the counselor would be most interested in the publication known as a. Tests. b. Mental Measurements Yearbook. c. Tests in Print, d. Standards/or Educational and Psychological Testing - ✔✔-b. Mental Measurements Yearbook In a single-subject design, it is most important to a. have unequal time intervals between collections of baseline data. b. have the intervention be distinctive from what is naturally occurring for the subject. c. randomly assign subjects to interventions. d. All of the above - ✔✔-b. have the intervention be distinctive from what is naturally occurring for the subject. A client tells her counselor that she is currently receiving counseling services from another mental health professional. According to ACA's ethical code, the counselor should a. terminate the counseling relationship with the client. b. ask the client to choose and continue seeing only one counselor. c. ask the client for permission to contact the other professional to establish a collaborative relationship. d. not do anything. - ✔✔-c. ask the client for permission to contact the other professional to establish a collaborative relationship. 34. is associated with meaningful experiences linked to a relationship with a divine entity, nature, or the universe, whereas . is more ritualistic and organized. a. Religion; spirituality b. Spirituality; religion c. Buddhism; Confucianism d. Christianity: Taoi - ✔✔-Spirituality; religion Operant conditioning is based on the belief that - ✔✔-learning depends on which behaviors are reinforced According to the theory of work adjustment. tenure refers to - ✔✔-how long an individual will remain with a company At the core of individual psychology is the concept of - ✔✔-social interest According to Kurt Lewin, theory Z refers to a - ✔✔-Laissez-faire leadership style Which one of the following is true regarding reliability? a. Shorter tests are more reliable than longer tests. b. High reliability estimates are reported when test items vary greatly in content. c. The closer a reliability coefficient is to 0, the more reliable the instrument. d. Speed tests yield spuriously high reliability coefficients - ✔✔-d. is a sampling technique that involves identifying convenient, existing subgroups and then randomly selecting subgroups. - ✔✔-Cluster sampling A counselor who is going through a divorce is ethically expected to - ✔✔-stop providing counseling services if his or her emotions are likely to interfere with the ability to work with and help clients. Being able to revert to previous levels of functioning is termed - ✔✔-resilience Interpreting new information in a way that alters a person's existing cognitive framework is called - ✔✔- accommodation Katherine Briggs and Isabel Myers developed the Myers-Briggs type theory, which was derived from the work of - ✔✔-Carl Jung. Jungian counselors help clients uncover elements of their unconscious minds through a. spirituality. b. dreams. c. culture. d. All of the above - ✔✔-d.All if the above Showing group members the proper way to execute a specific skill or behavior to help them learn is called - ✔✔-Modeling Validity - ✔✔-refers to how accurately an instrument measures a given construct The degree to which extraneous variables may be controlled (to accurately measure the relationship between independent variables and dependent variables) refers to - ✔✔-internal validity. Client records can be disposed of - ✔✔-5 years after the counseling relationship has ended is similar to a. Covert racism; extermination b. Physical attack; covert racism c. Avoidance; overt racism d. Overt racism; extermination - ✔✔-Overt racism; extermination A family needs to buy a new car. It is having trouble deciding between two cars because both models are incredibly appealing to all family members. Which kind of conflict are they experiencing? - ✔✔-Avoidance-avoidance conflict Gottfredson proposes that - ✔✔-when the compromise is severe, individuals will sacrifice interest and prestige before gender roles At the core of cognitive therapy is the restructuring of clients' - ✔✔-automatic thoughts Which of the following types of co-leadership is often used for mentoring purposes? a. Experience with experience b. Experience with inexperience c. Inexperience with inexperience d. All of the above - ✔✔-Experience with inexperience Sensitivity, a term used in decision accuracy, refers to a. an instrument's ability to accurately identify the absence of a phenomenon. . b. the extent to which an instrument enhances the accuracy of prediction of a specific criterion. c. the ratio of total correct decisions divided by the total number of decisions. d. an instrument's ability to accurately identify the presence of a phenomenon. - ✔✔-d. A professor concluded that the time students spent reading a research text predicted final examination scores. These results might come from a a. comparative b. regression c. single-subject d. time-series - ✔✔-b. regression A counselor hears one of her colleagues revealing confidential information about a client at a party. The first thing the counselor should do is a. file a report with an ethics committee. b. tell the colleague's client what happened. c. try to resolve the issue with the colleague informally. d. keep the knowledge private until the counselor can be certain that this is not an isolated incident - ✔✔-c. Sabrina indicates that she is experiencing difficulty adjusting to leaving her own country and adapting to her host country's culture. She is very likely experiencing a. confiari:a stress. b. acculturative stress. c. model minority myth. d. dissociative disorder. - ✔✔-b. A teacher notices that one of his students is having trouble understanding a new mathematical concept. To help the child, he provides her with additional examples, gives her hints, and uses questions to assist her in working through problems. Once it is clear that she is able to complete these problems on her own, he stops providing her with the example, hints, and questions he offered before. This technique is called a. shaping. b. positive reinforcement. c. zone of proximal development. d. scaffolding. - ✔✔-d.scaffolding Which of the following is TRUE regarding Super's lifespan, lifespace career theory? a. The theory describes five life roles: child, student, parent, worker. and retiree. b. The theory outlines five developmental stages and 16 substages. c. The life-career rainbow illustrates how the self-concept changes and develops over time as individuals acquire experiences. d. The theory emphasizes the role gender and prestige play in making career decisions. - ✔✔-b. "If I don't have a significant other or someone who is interested in dating me it means that I'm completely unlovable and undesirable." This is an example of what typc of distorted thinking? - ✔✔-Dichotomous thinking A group member is encouraged by the leader [Show More]

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