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California Notary Public Exam Questions completely Answered 100%

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California Notary Public Exam Questions completely Answered 100% Upon receiving the letter of commission, where should the notary file his/her oath and bond? {{Ans- The office of the County Clerk i... n the county where the notary maintains his/her principal place of business Nancy Notary's father, who is also her employer, asked her to notarize documents for the sale of business property whereby Nancy is named as one of the grantees. What is the appropriate response from Nancy Notary? {{Ans- Nancy should explain that she may not notarize the documents because she is named as a principal even though she is acting in the capacity of an employee. What is the purpose of the $15,000 surety bond? {{Ans- To provide a limited fund to reimburse members of the public who are damaged by notarial misconduct. The Venue specifically indicates: {{Ans- The State and County where the notary and the signer of the document were physically located at the time of signing. Which of the following acts have a possible $1,500 fine? {{Ans- All of the above. The Proof of Execution by Subscribing Witness Certificate is used when a document signer cannot appear personally appear before the notary. All of the following are true about this notary process, except? {{Ans- The signer of the document must put his thumbprint in the notary's journal. [Show More]

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